Burlington Coat Factory - This store location is a disgrace.

Posted on Sunday, November 4th, 2012 at 9:39pm CST by Ellen R.

Product: Department Store

Company: Burlington Coat Factory

Location: MINNEAPOLIS, MN, 55416, US

URL: http://www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com/

Category: Stores, Shopping

On a recent visit to the Minneapolis area, I popped into the Burlington store on Highway 100 South, to pick up a few items quickly. It was the worst experience that I have ever had at any of the Burlington locations.

The store was a complete wreck- new items thrown on the floor. Merchandise stacked in carts and pushed in corners, including several blocking the fire exit doors (camera phone pictures will be forwarded to the local fire marshal). The floors were filthy. The shelves were dirty.

And the store employees looked like vagrants. There were three near the toy department using all types of profanity. They looked at me and continued cursing as if I was not even there. Also, throughout the entire store all of the employees, except the cashiers were either having cell phone conversations on their phones or texting. This store is a disgrace. The employees there are a disgrace. And the management at that location is a disgrace. I plan on telling everyone I can reach about this, and I will be posting photos and video as well.

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James W., 2012-11-19, 04:09PM CST

I went to a Burlington Coat Factory a few years back and there were coats all over the floor instead of hanging on a coat hanger. The place was a crap hole. I will never go there again.

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