Saveology - It's Not Saveology, It's Their Reps Who Are Scammers

Posted on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at 7:19pm CDT by Juan D.

Product: Saveology

Company: Saveology

Location: US


Category: Internet Services

I used to work for Time Warner Cable and was assigned to take calls for installation scheduling with orders from authorized retailers. One of such retailers is Saveology, which operates web sites and TWC works with other retailers but most of the complaints from customers are coming from Saveology. Reps from this company often lie about the hardware costs and customers are only given the price for the service. For example, for a promotion of $44.95 for cable TV, this price includes only the service. Each cable box the customer will be needing will cost an additional $10 each month. Just to close the sale, Saveology reps lie to customers that $44.99 already include up to 4 cable boxes for free. The reps from this company also often lie about the installation fee and the requirement for customers to pay one month in advance as well as the installation fee. The worst part is that they tell customers that they actually are Time Warner Cable. I recently found that a friend of mine worked for Saveology for a bit; he told me they know that they are supposed to give the correct information to the customers they pass on to TWC, and in fact this is required by Saveology. Because of the pressure to close as many sales as they can though, they are forced to lie to their customers. My friend also told me that they do this not only to TWC customers but for customers of other clients they work for as well. We often are able to accomodate what the quoted price was for the customers, especially if they only need one cable box. I didn't mind explaining this to the customers then, but then again it is unethical to have them go through this situation. I have quitted my job with TWC because of another reason, but I just felt I owe this to their customers and would-be customers.


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