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Posted on Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 1:55pm CDT by Steven H.

Product: Transmission


Location: 1315 bancroft dr.


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I purchased a transmission that had been promised to be a good performing one. Instead I received a faulty one. I called to remedy this problem. I was told I could receive monies valuing at a third less than what I paid or get another transmission.

I purchased a used transmission from on Oct 25, 2012. Carter, the sales manager, helped me with this transaction. He told me the transmission would have 74,000 miles on it, DYNO tested and 1-year warranty. I would not have to worry about it being a faulty transmission.

I had the transmission sent to to my repair shop. my shop received it on Nov 1, 2012. That same day my shop was preparing to put the transmission in my car, they noticed some problems. my shop called and ask that I come to see the problems.

My shop showed me bent and twisted parts on the transmission. They also showed me the broken guide. The guide had a crack all the way around it. It was obvious that the guide was ready to fall off. They explained the importance of the guide and future problems that ensue when the guide breaks loose. They were concerned the guide would not last very long after being installed.

In looking the transmission over I deduced that it had more than 74,000 miles on it and had not been DYNO tested. There were no seal or part replacements made on or around the shaft to indicate that any DYNO testing had occurred besides it still had old transmission fluid in it. There were also signs of rust and decay indicating it had been out in the weather for a long time. TSO confirmed my conclusions.

I returned home and called PartzNow. I spoke directly to Carter. He referred me to the auto parts place who he purchased the transmission through. They looked up my order. His part place told me they had written ?no warranty? on the transmission purchase order. They explained Carter was aware of this fact when he purchased the transmission. When I phoned Carter to inform him of the ?no warranty? on the transmission and I told him I wanted my money back. He said he could only refund me $100 or send another transmission on Nov 5, 2012. He will call on Nov 5 to tell me if he can get me another one or not.

I fear the product will be equivalent or worse and I am now forced to purchase another part elsewhere. The shop stated that my burned up transmission is in better shape than the one PartzNow sent. I have been ripped off. This business should be closed down.

All I want is a refund.


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LISA D., 2013-02-16, 12:33PM CST

Call the Better Business Bureau on Mr.Carter, they will surly close this business down. No One should be cheated out of there money.

LISA D., 2013-02-16, 12:48PM CST

I have a friend who is going through the same thing only she has not received her part for her car yet and she paid This Carter dude as he say his name is in full. It has been over a week and still nothing for her vehicle. She was promised it would be delivered in five to seven days with a 1 year warranty. If she does not receive her. Motor. For her car I'm calling. The Better Business Bureau on his ass and I'm gonna get her to take him to small claims court. Your right no one deserve to get cheated out of there money....THANKS FOR THE ADVICE SURLY GONNA USE IT!!

Elisa J., 2013-02-17, 10:28AM CST

I have been ripped off by these people also. They sent me a bad transmission also. These transmissions are suppose to be check out and when you receive them they are a bunch of junk. Its costing me more than if I had of just got the one in my car rebuilt fooling around with these jerks. We are going to the Better Business Bureau also. Let us keep posting what is going on with our situation until something is done with these Jerks ripping people off.

MJ F., 2013-04-18, 04:03PM CDT

I am also going through the same thing with Partz Now. Carter doesn't return calls, he is rude - tells the person who picked up the phone to tell me "she can't call here every day" and a friend got him on the phone and he told her "warranties are not my priority". Well, I am not standing for it. He has today to respond to me then I dispute the charges on my credit card. If I have to buy a new transmission (the piece of crap he sent me that lasted 6 weeks only, he is going to end up paying for it somehow, even if it requires me to go to IL to bring him to court! Also, if he doesn't hold up his end of the bargan (i.e. honor the 3 year parts and labor warranty I purchased), I will contact both the BBB and the Attorney General in Bloomington, IL. With all the people who are going through the same thing, it can probably be considered criminal as it appears he has no intent of honoring his contracts.

6edb2ef3, 2013-03-15, 11:49AM CDT

We have been riped off to on a motor. They have been telling us for 3 weeks now that the motor has been shipped and it hasn't. Noone will return are calls and they have taken $531.00 fron our acct. They are a piece of crap company. We are a young family with 3 kids and can't just give 500 away. Just want are money back.

Steven H., 2013-03-15, 10:32PM CDT

My Credit card company is going after the Transmission place for fraud. This Carter had no right to give them my credit card number,(On which they just charged me another 20.00 bucks a couple of months ago). So my credit card company sent me out a new card.

I won't be able to get the rest of the money from this Carter dude. The BBB didn't do anything either. This is what transpired with me. We need to get the word out so this Carter doesn't keep getting away with this.

Elisa J., 2013-03-18, 10:22AM CDT

We lost 950.00 plus labor to put their junk in and out of our vehicle. Please keep us in the loop with your cases and I will do the same. These crooks need to be stored!! Thanks!!

Mike K., 2013-06-18, 08:09PM CDT

Same thing happened to us with Partznow just charged our account and never shipped the motor. Quoted a Grade A fully tested used engine with 71,000 miles that would as they advertise ship in 24 to 48 hours with 3-7 days freight. It was just a scam and their rating with the BBB is bottom of the barrel score of "F". Buyers beware and do some research!

Steven H., 2013-06-20, 11:21PM CDT

It's too bad we all can't put something together and go after this guy. He's a blatant thief. Just criminal, he needs to be behind bars. We need to be the ones seeing some justice done. This guy needs to feel this back in his face.

ae3316cd, 2013-07-05, 02:00PM CDT

what can any body do about this peace of shit i need help they screwed me out of 1061.51 im disable man on SSD any body got any thouts the BBB will not help

ae3316cd, 2013-07-05, 04:21PM CDT

checking acount

ae3316cd, 2013-07-05, 04:22PM CDT

it was a motor

Mike K., 2013-07-05, 04:30PM CDT

Probably nothing you can do but call your bank anyway they might help. Will advise Credit or Debit card has recourse with crooks like these.

ae3316cd, 2013-07-05, 04:34PM CDT

it was a debit card

Mike K., 2013-07-05, 05:02PM CDT

Call your bank right now. Tell them what's up and might be able to get some funds back.

ec248537, 2013-09-03, 12:10PM CDT

Thank God I did some research. I was about to order an engine from these guys. Thank you all for taking the time to warn others about your experience!

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