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Posted on Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 2:37pm CDT by 4906496f

Company: USAA - The United Services Automobile Association

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I've been a USAA member over 25 years and this is how USAA treats their members. I called regarding my auto insurance policy to know why my wife's name is on my auto policy, when in fact I didn't give them any information regarding my wife's information (while the auto insurance ONLY COVERS myself for over 25 years, the only driver)! USAA representative states the reason WHY we need wife's full name, social security, driver's license, if she has any other insurance and drives any other car(s), do you guys have kid(s) is because USAA REQUIRES to verify if you are married or not. Total, B.S.

You lost me with common sense. Yes I do understand marital status (married or single) affects the insurance policy, WHY does USAA REQUIRES wife's full name, social security number, driver's license number, what car(s) does SHE drive, does she work and how does she get to work, do we have kids, etc when in FACT the auto insurance ONLY COVERS myself, one person! IS USAA COLLECTING MORE INFO than needed?

I guess it is hard for USAA to understand that NOT all family members need to have a driver's license, especially if they don't drive and especially if a family only has ONE CAR. Typical GREEDY insurance company wanting EVERYONE to have driver's license (when in fact they don't drive), everyone NEEDS to own as many cars, everyone NEEDS to have insurance EVEN IF THEY DON"T DRIVE! I guess the concept of carpooling, public transportation, reducing insurance premium by ONLY needing to insure the driver(s) of vehicle only, etc. does not play well for insurance.

YES, WE VALUE OUR PRIVACY AND SECURITY OF OUR INFORMATION USAA! STOP THE HARASSMENT AND THREATENING TO NOT RENEW MY POLICY just because I think USAA is collecting unnecessary info for YOUR OWN BENEFIT to help sell more of your USAA crappy products and services. PS-I called more than several times to end the USAA magazine where the SOLE PURPOSE IS TO MARKET..but I still get it! Great customer service and really listening to your USAA members. I've had a enough...I don't like to have all my products and services under ONE company where the potential for abuse of members info is not respected!

This is my REAL experience of being a USAA member for over 25 years and USAA has the audacity to threaten me where USAA will not renew my policy if we don't have your wife's information! Let's see...I've been a USAA member over 25 years in good standing, have many services and products with USAA, and the cost of having me has been nothing to you (no claims or accidents) over 25 years. Keep up with the expensive USAA ads to attract more members...this USAA member is searching for something better!


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