Blue Ridge Health Care, Inc. - Business did not send a bill, but filed an estate claim

Posted on Thursday, November 1st, 2012 at 10:09pm CDT by Richard G.

Product: Grace Hospital

Company: Blue Ridge Health Care, Inc.

Location: 2201 S. Sterling Street Morganton, NC 28655


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I am doing everything I can to point out the lack of compassion and insensitivity of Grace Hospital in debt collection. I have and continue to find more and more sites that I can post this information as a means of letting the public know how careless and deceptive the practices of Grace Hospital in Morganton, NC are, as to "policies" that Grace Hospital says it "takes action" to obtain leftover debts even if they take advantage of a family member during the first few weeks after a tragic loss. The following "complaint" was posted on a local "Blog" on Wednesday, which is seen by large numbers of people locally and around the world. Please help me to advise Grace Hospital as to BAD POLICY that takes away from family and relatives the ability to grieve the loss of a loved one, especially a mom or a dad. Please see below:


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Richard Garrison speaks about his Mother's Passing and Grace Hospital

Richard Garrison needed an outlet to speak about his mother's death and the dealings he had with Grace Hospital, in Morganton, in relation to their billing practice in lieu of her passing. I am passing this story along to you and I hope that Grace Hospital will rethink such a practice, and its propriety, during a man's time of mourning.

After a recent experience involving Grace Hospital in Morganton, I am left with dissatisfaction and the loss both of my mom and my ability to grieve that loss. My mom was transported from our home on May 5th, 2012, to Grace Hospital where she was treated for about two hours. Mom later passed away at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

CMC sent a "regular" bill for the leftover amount due after mom was treated, and DID NOT contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court, if anyone had the reason to they did, but CMC acted in a compassionate manner, as well as sending a sympathy card to me for the grief I was going through.

Grace Hospital wasn't HAPPY with over 9-thousand dollars, they really needed the additional 3-hundred dollars by whatever means they had to get it. Grace Hospital billed Medicare and State Health Plan more than $9500.00 dollars, and received over $9200.00 dollars. Without taking a breath, Grace Hospital FORGOT to send an ordinary, regular bill for what they say was an amount due of $320.31. Instead they ran down to the Burke County Clerk of Court's office and obtained a "claim" against my mom's estate.

The "official" document was delivered to me during the time I was dealing with the loss, mom had been gone only a short period then, and I was trying to organize affairs. I was forced to "STOP" thinking about the loss of my mom, and deal with this issue and when I did, I was further surprised when an employee at Grace Hospital told me by phone that "She had placed a 'LIEN' against the estate, and I could not close the estate until the balance was paid. I told her this was not true and that same day verified what I had told her with the Burke County Clerk of Court. It would appear the employees at Grace Hospital need a "READING" course to understand the difference between a "claim" and a "LIEN". The document I received, said "CLAIM" on it !

Since Grace Hospital has a 'KNOWN' reputation of 'selling out' debts to bill collecters before the ink has dried, I went to the hospital and asked to pay the balance. I realize this was not my debt; but I didn't want any additional unnecessary embarrassment. I was told by a cashier that the balance was ONLY $248.61 which is even LESS IMPORTANT than the $320.31 - OR - the loss of a mom or a dad.

I have filed this with the NC Attorney General's Consumer Protection, and I received a response from Grace Hospital by Associate Counsel David Pope, in which he states "this is our policy" The Attorney General's Office says it cannot help me, so now I ask, How can anyone, especially a community, non-profit hospital, act in such a careless and reckless manner, and then justify what they are doing as acceptable ? On the surface, from a common sense standpoint, is this anywhere near fair, when considering that Grace Hospital is a non-profit community hospital ?


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