Posted on Thursday, November 1st, 2012 at 8:42am CDT by RJ S.

Product: Internet Scam


Location: 986 Dexter Way
RIPON, CA, 95366, US

Category: Computers, Software

We purchased an i7 CPU from this "company" through ebay. The guy claimed to have the part, said it would be fast shipping, all the good stuff. We purchased the item and immediately sent him an email asking to expedite the order because the parts were needed for a repair. Needless to say this guy never wrote back... We tried several times, sending numerous emails and still this perpetrator ignores all emails and avoids all contact... We then obtained a phone number oh this guy through eBay, and tried to give him a call... We called many times, left many messages and still no response.. Then I paid for a personal investigation on this guy (in which I was able to obtain all personal information on him including his phone number and where he lives) and I tried calling another number, he did not answer neither. Several days later, I sent a last email informing him that I will then go the next step and contact Paypal and eBay and notify them of fraud charges... Here is a copy and paste of his response:

"I appologize, I have been quite sick and haven't been in the office this

week. Your item should have gone out already (I've got an employee there

but apparently things haven't been shipped). The scan doesnt always

update online. But if it hasn't ill ship it out USPS Express for free

($18 overnight service). Fair enough?"

The email came several hours after I informed him of the scam charges that were coming... I replied back to him and he never responded... It has come to our conclusion that this guy in fact does not have the parts he claims to have and is simply stalling to either acquire the parts or try to pass the time so a chargeback is not possible. Here is just some of the information I have to identify this person:


Entity Number:C3440767

Date Filed:12/20/2011



Entity Address:926 KIRK COURT

Entity City, State, Zip:RIPON CA 95366

Agent for Service of Process:JARED VAN NIEUWENHUYZEN

Agent Address:926 KIRK COURT

Agent City, State, Zip:RIPON CA 95366

(209) 253-0279

(209) 599-9989

This is the free information that was obtained at: http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/cbs.aspx

Ultimately, I will get the money back that we paid him because we already filed the dispute with eBay and have already spoken with Paypal. But unfortunately for this criminal, he cost us a lot of money considering that this part was a very expensive part that was for business and not personal use. He caused us days of downtime that I have documented in full throughout the days (hundreds of dollars a day, going into a few thousands of dollars), we lost a customer and a repair order (which adds to the damage caused). Everything about this case has been documented in full, from the phone calls, to the messages, even how long it takes him to respond and refund our money. Primarily, because we will be filing a suit to retrieve the money we lost due to damages. Not only can we afford it, but any amount of money that is spent to pursue a criminal such as this individual is worth every penny simply to give him the same inconvenience he has given us.

In conclusion, I can only warn anyone who is considering purchasing from CENTRAL VALLEY COMPUTER PARTS, INC, or doing any type of business with this so called company, to STAY VERY FAR AWAY FROM HIM. This is not a company you are dealing with, this is an individual by name of "Jared VanNieuwenhuyzen" who is only out to get your money and you will also have to go the extra mile to get your money back, the same way we did. The only difference is most people cannot afford to go to the extends that we can, so for this reason I can only share our experience and warn the community that this guy is a fraud, a criminal and he won't even give you the respect of responding. Save your money and stay far from Central Valley Computer Parts, Inc. - THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS OR COMPANY!

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Business Reply  Jared V., 2012-11-01, 10:43AM CDT

The buyer ordered the part Thursday evening. Earliest it could have been shipped was Friday and the buyer paid for the basic 3-5 day USPS First Class. Which is most likely 5 day to his location 3000 miles from us. I was not feeling well and was out of the office. The item was shipped the following Wednesday and I upgraded him to USPS Express on my dime. The buyer would have originally received the package Friday, he will still receive it Friday. Not a single minute of downtime, much less some thousands of dollars. If the customer is lost it's because he ordered a part from across the country via snail mail. The guy defamed us on 5 sites he says and cried scam artist and will not even receive his package late. Supposedly opening investigations (though a bad one because that's the wrong address) and threatening suit over no damage done and no delay in delivery...pretty sure that's border-line crazy. I truly do apologize for the poor contact, I was not in the office to respond. And I apologize for the late shipment, but I paid out of pocket to make sure the buyer received his product 100% on time. And we must be criminals since we're a Top-Rated seller and previously had 100% feedback and all 4.9-5.0 out of 5.0 stars (though I'm sure we won't have 100% after this customer receives the product he ordered on time). Tracking number is 9471011201080717678433.

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