Helen Keller Hospital - Emergency Treatment

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 at 12:33pm CDT by displeased

Company: Helen Keller Hospital

Location: 1300 S. Montogomery Ave

Category: Health, Beauty

I went to the hospital due to severe headache and lost of vision to my left side. I was diagnosed with cough and congestion and told my vision would return in two days. My vision did not return and I went to an eye doctor the next day who immediately secured an appointment with a neuroligest who confirmed I had a stroke. The hospital physicians billed me for over 500.00 dollars and submitted the claim to my insurance and was paid now they want me to pay the remainder. I was not treated for the life threating event that happened, and on top of that isn't that an accident a true emergency and the entire bill should have been paid. I just don't think that these physicians should be paid if such a misdiagnosis was made. They should be held accountable for just dismissing a person, and not truly looking for the problem. I did have a CT scan that if read properly should have been caught, that I had a stroke. The media tells us I you have these symptoms go immediately to the hospital, why so you can pay them and not be treated.


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