Emrah, LLC Cynthia Geppert - Emrah, LLC Cynthia Geppert Emrah, LLC Cynthia Geppert Big Ripoff, do not deal with this person and company Deerfield Beach, Florida

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 at 11:38am CDT by Lee T.

Product: Website Development

Company: Emrah, LLC Cynthia Geppert

Location: 3448 Deer Creek Palladian Cir

Category: Computers, Software

Huge ripoff, Cynthia Geppert of Emrah, LLC is a liar, a cheat and deceived me every step of the way with the deal we had. She contracted me to do work for her, then tried to get a bunch of free work from me, then waited until I did all the work and did a chargeback on her credit card. Plus she took an extra $1000 check FROM me so she not only got all the work I did but she got all of her money back plus $1000.

To get the extra $1000 from me she used lies and deception. Cynthia Geppert of Emrah, LLC purposefully did all of this in a very calculated and deceptive way. She also sold the product to the client and took his money. She deceived her client, deceived me, and lied to both parties.

This person is a deceitful liar and as a business person I would recommend never trusting anything she says. You can tell when you talk to her that she knows how to talk and makes everything sounds so great, meanwhile behind the scenes she's plotting and lying to get what she wants.

I believe that she broke the law by taking the $1000 and then doing a chargeback, I have reported her to the sherrif's office and I am waiting on them to arrest her for this. I hope they do, she deserves to pay for her crime.

Beware of Cynthia Geppert and her Emrah, LLC company.

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Lee T., 2012-11-05, 10:10AM CST

This is the emrah llc / cynthia geppert website, do not use this company. Huge ripoff


Cynthia Geppert is a liar and a thief.

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