Posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 5:04am CDT by Rico C.

Product: Photos

Company: Shutterstock

Location: Shutterstock, Inc. 60 Broad Street, 30th Floor New York, NY 10004 USA
NEW YORK, NY, 10004, US


Category: Internet Services

Basically, this company is something to be of great alarm!!! When I mean alarm, I mean unscrupulous, insidious behaviour which it's website operates!

I purchased pictures from the website for use on a graphic Design job and with a one off fee for a one year license, the deal was good. Apparently, despite the usage of paying via my payment method of a credit card,

I was not aware...and don't believe any present or future customers are aware that your card payment details are kept on file!

Your cards after a year will have a recurring fee for another year if the customer isn't aware of, if left undone for merely a year!. Be very careful as I am sure allot of Shutterstock customers aren't noticing this.

I coincidently looked at my credit card statement and to my surprise an unauthorised payment was made without my consent. I am very displeased with the seemingly fraudulent actions this company has taken.

Having to cancel the payment card was very awkward to. It took some figuring out of directing to certain pages which were not directly linked to the payment details. This is very confusing as the payment details does't allow you to cancel of withdraw any payment card.

In no way are shopper/customers charged when purchasing goods online with cards being kept on file.

Many online companies may keep your card, but don't bill you for unnecessary charges. Especially one's that 'YOU' the customer hasn't made.

I have made a complaint demanding a refund. I await a response. They haven't yet had the courtesy in contacting me as yet!

In the meantime....may all present/future customer check your payment details and withdraw it from this website!!

From a very irate Customer!!!



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