Domino's Pizza - Unauthorized charges to my account

Posted on Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 7:05pm CDT by P B.

Product: Pizza

Company: Domino's Pizza

Location: 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48106
ANN ARBOR, MI, 48106, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

On Sept 15, 2012 I ordered pizza online for delivery at my moms apartment. I used my credit card to order the pizza. So when the delivery driver arrived to my moms apartment he had a receipt for me to sign. I signed the receipt and he then requested to see my card which was not a problem. He then scratched his receipt and embossed my card onto his copy which I thought was strange since they already charged mt card and also verified that I was who I was. Then the fun started ... on Sunday Sept 17, I received a text message from my bank they have stopped all transactions due to suspicious activity. I checked my account and saw that there was over 750 dollars in fraudulent charges from Sept 16-17 . There were 2 charges from FTD, 1 charge from Roses in a box and then 2 charges for Apple products. I called my bank and all parties involved to get this problem solved as quickly as a possible. Towards the mid afternoon I then called dominos pizza to find out what their policy is with credit cards. They told me that they do not scratch peoples cards on receipts. I asked them why did they do that to my card? They responded that some of the franchises do this still. Working for a credit card processing company I know the rules and regulations companies must abide by. I still have no resolve on how they store customers credit cards. I have made 10 calls and still no responce from the franchise owner or the western regional manager. The only person to respond was another manager who has called me twice and told me that someone will call me back...still waiting. My next step is to contact Visa and Mastercard and let them that this Dominos pizza store may not be PCI compliant and that I had fraudulent charges from someone working there. My ref # is 1188326 and the store # is 8170


Robert Allyn L., 2012-10-30, 08:56AM CDT

You should do a little reading on credit and bank card fraud.

85%+ of the time the fraud starts more than 1 month after you card information is harvested.

In other worrds the likely hood of your delivery driver protecting himself by taking an impression of your card being the source of your fraud is so small as to be laughable.

I hope you filed a report with the police. But I also hope you didn't say you "Know" it was the Domino's. They can sue for that.

P B., 2012-10-31, 12:24AM CDT

Robert ,

Actually I work for a credit card processing company so I see fraud on a daily basis so I am well aware of all the ins and outs of the industry. As far as the impression on my card it is not Domino's corporate policy to do this. As far as this fraud being laughable ,I don't think any kind of fraud is laughable. Fraud causes millions of dollars in damages a year to merchants and customers which then causes higher prices on services and goods.

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