Harvey Norman - Poor Poor overall Service

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 12:05am CDT by f1a02875

Product: Samsung 32 Inch LCD TV

Company: Harvey Norman

Location: 2098 Ipswich Road Oxley

Category: TV, Music, Video

My wife and I went to Harvey Norman Oxley to purchase a 32 Inch LCD TV - we knew exactly what we wanted to purchase.

On paying and waiting for 30 mins, we were told they couldn't find one in the store (even though stock was shown) so we were sent to their Archerfield Road store to collect.

After waiting at the off site store for 30 mins, we were told they couldn't find one, so we were sent back to the Oxley store, where they had located one.

Another drive and a 30 mins wait and we left with the TV.

On arriving home, we set it up and it didn't work.

We phoned Harvey Norman and after another drive, we returned it for a full refund (took 2 working days to come through to the account - Harvey Norman in the meantime still had our funds).

The fact that Harvey Norman's records, both at their retail and off site store were inaccurate was frustrating enough, however to be sent for a cross country ride before finally sold a faulty unit was the breaking point.

So no one at Harvey Norman seemed to care how long we were kept waiting or how much driving we have to do.

At the end we were offered a $20.00 discount. As I told them, it's not about the money but about the total lack of professionalism.

I mentioned to the salesman that we were regular customers and, on looking at our records, he was surprised at how much we had bought from the store.

Luckily enough, the Good Guys are around the corner - we went and bought a TV there (different brand but cheaper and just as good).

My wife asked for the franchisee to call us but the next day a salesman called and didn't seem to care either.

So Harvey Norman, you have lost a customer for life - sorry but you need to get your act together.


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