Archwood Estate Liquidators - Liquidators need Power of Attorneys

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 3:56pm CDT by Marjorie Z.

Product: Estate Liquidators

Company: Archwood Estate Liquidators

Location: 45 Public Square #2
MEDINA, OH, 44256, US

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I am the owner of Archwood Estate Liquidators of Medina, Ohio. For months now, I have been verbally harassed by a customer's sone (Bryan B). He keeps insisting that I deal with him instead of his mother. He will and cannot produce a POA (Power of Attorney) for me to deal with such matters, and his mother has requested right from the start that I deal with NONE OF HER CHILDREN because they are bullying her and trying to control her. As the owner of Archwood Estate Liquidators, I am not obligated to deal with any heir who does not have a Power of Attorney over an estate or a family trust. I cut off all communication because Bryan B. has threatened me, my business, and is very abusive. Thank you for reading this reply.

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68651f5d, 2012-11-04, 06:07PM CST

Lies,Lies Lies all lies by Marjorie Z. Now the true facts. First Marjorie took items from estate sale mom had that didnt sell on consignment on Aug-16- 2011, and was suppose to send money to mom after each $100 of sales in fact Marjorie Emailed me Bryan on Oct-11-2011 and I quote"we sold a bunch of stuff this past week I need to get my accounting on everything so hopefully if I can get it completed I will have a check for her by late next week."Well next week came and went and no check and no call or email to let us know why,so my sister called Marjorie to ask about what sold and when we would be receiving a check by the way my sister also has consignment items with Marjorie and wanted to kenw if any of her items sold,she also got no call back from Marjorie.All of the consignment items were up on 12/17/2011 except for some stained glass items expired on 1/12/2012.Now it is 1/9/2012 still no word from Marjorie so mom called and left a message for Marjorie where is my check and when can I get back the items that didnt sell? Again no call back.On 1/12/2012 I Bryan called Marjorie and left the same message and I also got no call back.the next day I emailed Marjorie and asked again where is moms check and when can we get unsold items back no email back from Marjorie.On 1/16/2012 I again called Marjorie and left a message where is moms check and when can we get unsold items back, again no call back.So after talking to mom I told her I was filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which I did on 1/17/2012 and low and behold Marjorie calls me on 1/18/2012 to make arrangements to deliver the unsold items to my house Bryan but says she mailed a money order to mom in October and it must have gotten lost in the mail and she would have to put a trace on it before she could give mom the money and that she was in the hospital for 7 days and that is why she didnt get back to me I said ok and she did say she had cash money to give me for the items she sold after she mailed the money order to mom which she did give to me when she dropped of the unsold items at my house and said she would let me know when the trace on the money order cleared and she would give me the rest of the money owed mom in cash which she did in Fed 2012 we met at Walgreens and she gave me the cash.So far so good only one thing left an unsold dinningroom set that Marjorie said she had a buyer for and mom let her keep it on consignment to see if Anne the buyer wanted it. On Apr/15/2012 Marjorie emailed me and said Anne agreed to pay $500 for the table and buffet so far she has given me $110 and she has until no later than May 15 to have the entire amount paid said I can pay you Bryan via pay pal I said ok. May 15th came and went and Anne didnt pay the balance on the dinningroom set which Marjorie let me know by email. Now on July/5/2012 I call Marjorie Again and she tells me Anne is to pick up the dinning room set this Sunday July 8th and pay the balance and that she will give me the money tuesday July 10th at the wallgreen she met me at last time I say ok. Well Tues comes and goes no call from Marjorie so I send her an Invoice via pay pal for $400 which is 80% of the $500 she sold the dinningroom set for her commission is 20%. Marjorie dosent pay the invoice of $400 and emails me on July 20th Anne never picked up the dinningroom set and that she is up at Lakeside Ohio doing an estate sale an when she gets back she will contact me so I can pick up the dinning room set in Medina and keep the $50 deposit Anne gave her said she should be back wednesday I said Ok and wednesday would be a good day for me to pick it up. No call from Marjorie on Wednesday but I do get an email Thursday July 26/2012 Good Afternoon Bryan we just stopped for a lunch break we are still up in Lakeside we are having to make deliveries ans some required us to do them by ferry we still have things to wrap up here in Lakeside I did not want you to think I was ignoring you or that I forgot Thanks Marjorie. I never heard back from Marjorie again so On Aug/1/2012 I emailed Marjorie and asked her what happened when can I pick up dinningroom set I got no reply, On Aug/2/2012 I called Marjorie left message got no call back,on Aug/3/2012 I texted Marjorie and got no text back. On Aug/4/2012 I again called Marjorie and could not leave a message her voice mailbox was full so I texted later that day Aug 4 Marjorie call me I want to pick up moms dinnindroom set tomorrow Bryan I did get a text back Mr B my mom was in an accident on her way home from the islands her truck was totaled and she was hurt I am her daughter I would like to help you what dinningroom set are we looking for Thanks Eileen I text Eileen back Margarets Dinning room table,Chairs and buffet that you have had on consignment since last August. I never hear back from Eileen. So on Aug/18/2012 I text Marjorie just checking on picking up mons Dinningroom set Bryan no text back, now it is September 2012 on Sept 11 I call Marjorie mailbox full cant leave message same day, I text her no text back, I call Marjotie left message no call back.Sept 13th mom calls Marjorie leaves message got no call back.Now its Sept 27th 2012 I call Marjorie and she answers the phone said she was in an accident and getting back on her feet, I ask about picking up the dinningroom set and where is it she says it is in storage im Medina near the fairgrounds and I can pick it up next Wednesday Oct/3/2012 she will meet me there and will text me the address I say ok hang up and wait for here to text me the address Tues comes no text of address I call Marjotie ask her to text me or call me back with address to pick up dinningroom set and 10 minuets later she calls I say hello hello no answer from Marjorie so I call her back and say Marjorie call me back you just called and hung up she didnt call back.So 930 Pm Tuesday I text Marjorie about picking up the dinningroom set tomorrow Wednesday she dosent text me back.Now its Wednesday i call Marjorie two more times to pick up the dinningroom set today she dosent answer I leave message she dosent call me back.So now im tired of all the lies and being put off for the last time I send Marjorie an email on October/ 4/2012 saying that she can either pay me the $400 you owe me for moms dinningroom set by paypal by Sunday or meet me Sunday to pick up the dinningroom set the choice is yours if you dont respond again and dont do either one im going to the medina police on Monday morning the choice is yours you can email me or text me with your decision. Marjorie did not respond so I contacted the Medina police and they told me since the dinningroom set was removed from Columbia Station that I would have to go to the Lorain County Sheriffs Dept. Mom and I went to the Sherrif on 10/15/2012 and spoke to a deputy explained what happened and told him mom wanted the dinningroom set back or the $400 he said he would call Marjorie and call me back and let me know what she said we said thankyou and left 10 minuets later the deputy called and said he talked to Marjorie and said she didnt have the money today but would have it tomorrow and would give it to us at her store in Medina $380 it was suppose to be $400 but I said thanks to the deputy and hung up. Then I called Marjorie about picking up the $400 tomorrow and she told me it was $380 and she said a lot of other things I wont get into and she hung up. I didnt hear back from her the next day by 5pm so I texted her Marjorie are we meeting today so you can give me the $380 she texted me back It went out today from the Medina post office and I texted her back to moms house or mine she said mine I said ok thanks. I did receive the check Thursday made out to me Bryan not mom. So here is why I say Marjorie lies first there was never any mention of a power of attorney to mom, myself Bryan, or any member of our family number two lie mom never requested that Marjorie not deal with me Bryan or either one of my sisters as none of us is controlling or tried to control mom, just the oposite is true we all completly support mom and help her. Third lie I never threatened Marjorie or her business I just told her I was going to the police if she didnt return the dinningroom set or the money, funny how a call from the sheriff makes someone do the right thing. Im done with all this now and anyone can believe whatever they want but I know and Marjorie knows what the truth is. Thank you Bryan

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