The College Board - Not even a bit helpful,xenophobic

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 3:07pm CDT by Utku S.

Product: SAT

Company: The College Board

Location: US

Category: Education

I registered for SAT 2 weeks ago.Unfortunately i have 2 first names and forgot to write one of them while registering.Just after confirmation,i realized that and sent an e-mail to customer services about that.

They wanted me to give essential information like my actual name,address,nickname etc. and i did so.I was expecting my name to be changed but i got another request instead.The request was samples of 2 IDs.I am not living in an English-speaking country so i don't have any English IDs.So i toOK pictures of 2 of my IDs and added some translations by paint and sent them.

But i got an auto-reply answer like this: "IDs should be in English.If not,than you should send notary sealed translations of them.One must be government issued and other should be school issued."

That was OK but bureaucracy is a bit tough here so i told about this toughness.But got the same auto-reply again,from another employee.

So i wrote some other replies in this order:'formal,frustrated formal,frustrated semi-formal,raging absolutely-not-formal,yielding formal'.But i always got the same auto-reply mail.

Finally i asked about refunds,knowing the answer.Answer was like "What is a refund,does it look like bananas?",as i expected.

1)I registered via web and wasn't asked for anything like an ID.So i gave essential info (all info could be asked) enough to prove my existence.I exist,my name is longer than i gave before so what the hell is the matter?

2)Maybe that wasn't enough to prove my existence.Maybe i could be an AI from the future,trying to fool the College Board.So i was asked for an,(No no no! That is not plural), two IDs.

I may understand that.So I sent those IDs,along with the translation.

3)That wasn't frustrating enough because it took just 10 minutes.They had the IDs,pictures were matching with my registration photo,name was matching too except the other-first name but frustration,there wasn't enough frustration.So I had to take a walk for the notary after school,wait there and then pay for an unnecessary fee just to satisfy them about my existence.

If those are just formalities,aren't they a bit xenophobic.Why should i pay my whole-day-meal-money just for a sealed translation,for a thing about a correction about another thing i registered via web.

If it is about not understanding,than any search engine can explain about non-English documents if there is something else needed than my name and picture.

And sending the same reply all the time (5 times) deserves a complaint alone.


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