Nero Inc. , Velocity Fulfillment Inc. , Status-Now - Nero 11 rebate failed on poor status reporting by

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 2:30am CDT by Clint L.

Product: Rebate for software Nero 11

Company: Nero Inc. , Velocity Fulfillment Inc. , Status-Now

Location: 4936 S. Ash Avenue
TEMPE, AZ, 85282, US


Category: Other

I was not successful in submitting Nero competitive rebate to Velocity Fulfillment, a.k.a. I actually submitted both a competitive and non-competitive Nero rebate. The non-competitive rebate was fulfilled.

Before submitting the competitive rebate I contacted Velocity Fulfillment at 1-800-953-3098 and asked staff about the adequacy of materials I was about to submit, including a particular competitive CD disc. I was told my materials were adequate.

While I traveled for work, I tracked the status of the rebate at The on-line status for both rebates never did or has indicate a problem. When I returned from travel I found a postcard reporting my competitive rebate submission did not include proof of competitive product ownership, such as the CD disc I did include in the submission.

My difficulty with the rebate arises from my returning from travel to find the postcard after the rebates processing is closed. Subsequently Velocity Fulfillment and Nero both tell me there is nothing that can be done about the unfulfilled competitive rebate. Velocity Fulfillment tells me Nero has closed the rebate and no corrections can be made. Nero Customer Service tells the rebate processor is responsible for the rebates.

Presently I am trying to learn from:

1) Velocity Fulfillment what the purpose of the rebate status report at their website is if not to reflect the rebate's status such as that reported to me by their postcard.

2) Nero Inc. who decides the rebate processor is the last word for fixing rebate issues such as mine. Nero Inc's customer service so far refuses to tell me anything other than Nero can't do anything with the rebate as the rebate processor is responsible.


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