Bell Canda - Paying for someone's mistake

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 11:46am CDT by Stephanie G.

Product: Bell Canda

Company: Bell Canda

Location: US

Category: Consumer Electronics

I recently changed all of my services from Rogers to Bell. I have a bundled deal with Rogers and wanted to upgrade my sons cell phone for his birthday. Bell offered me a good deal so I signed the contracts, paid 160.00 for a new phone and new service. The tech guy comes to my house and informs me he cannot put the satelite for the tv's on our house because we have stucco and a metal roof. Great. Now Bell will not cancel the cell phone and I lost my bundle deal with Rogers because of their neglect. This great new deal with Bell is now costing me twice the money because I am stuck with the plan for my son, who's 15 and still have to pay Rogers but it will cost me more because I lost my bundle deal. I would have waited for fibre optic service from Bell and changed later had I known. Now my money goes to both Bell and Rogers. To say I am pissed is putting it lightly. Now I hate Rogers and Bell.


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