International Who's Who Historical Society SCAM

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 9:33am CDT by Elliot B.

Product: International Who's Who Historical Society SCAM

Company: International Who's Who Historical Society SCAM

Location: 2020 Pennsylvania Avanue NW


Category: Society, Culture

International Who's Who Historical Society, pretending that they were the original Who's Who convinced me to subscribe to their services fo a fee of $900!

When I received their "package" and login details to a quasi-empty website I was obviously disappointed by their lack of professionalism and sub-standard services.

I sent a letter cancelling my subscription, requesting them to erase all private data they had on me and t refund me. This letter remained unreplied.

Instead, a few months later, tthey charged me again.

I sent a second letter cancelling (again) my subscription and requesting (again) the deletion of any and all data they held on me. This lettter remained unreplied again.

I was obliged to cancel my AMEX carrd to avoid being charged again. As a mattter of principle, I have now my lawyers suing them in two different countries.

It's a scam: stay away!


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b2ea5bac, 2014-12-22, 11:59AM CST

Season's Greetings from far away Island of Mauritius!

One way to deal [effectively! and efficiently!] with these types of cold, aggressive and persistent calls is each time they call: to pick up, say a nice hello, telling them to hold as you call the person they wish to speak. You can then just quietly put down the receiver on your desk/table and letting them to wait all day for their "bait"!

If 100 of us [as their prospects] do that every time they call in a week - we would be "eating" into their telephone budget,...

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