Village Villas Vacation Rentals - Beware of Village Villas Vacation Rentals

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 8:39pm CDT by ab9e4b5a

Product: Vacation Rental

Company: Village Villas Vacation Rentals

Location: 4136 Hwy 7 N Hot Springs Village, Ar 71909


Category: Real Estate

In May of 2012 I secured a short term lease on a furnished condo using this Company - paying first month rent, pet deposit, and security deposit. All subsequent rent payments were made on time or early. Upon moving in I realized there was no cable installed and immediately called the office, and they said they were unaware it was not there. Approx 5 days later I had cable, but I was not offered and refund for the days that I did not have it. After giving them a full 30 day notice per my lease of my move out, and then leaving the unit undamaged - I am still waiting for my security deposit now several weeks later. when I called Curt at their office last week I had to leave a voice mail - explaining the reason for my call and asking him to call me back - never did. I finally called again today almost a week later and finally got him. What he told me was that my deposit was being held up because they found I had rented a $4.00 movie. When I asked Curt why he never called me back or never called to ask me about the movie he had no answer. I then told him to deduct $50.00 from my deposit, and he could hold that to be sure there were no other charges, and then he went on saying the check had to come from another office and they would mail it. I then said I would go to that office today, and he said that was not possible. These People are C R O O K S and un-reputable. PLease BEWARE... I paid all my deposits via cash too - so this even makes it more insulting!


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