Century 21 HSV Realty - Absolutely horrible real estate non-professional Jim BIGG

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 9:24pm CDT by ab9e4b5a

Product: Real Estate Office

Company: Century 21 HSV Realty

Location: CENTURY 21 H. S. V. Realty 121 Cordoba Center Drive, #100

URL: http://www.c21hsvrealty.com

Category: Real Estate

I first made Contact with Jim Bigg (Co-Owner Broker) back in April of this year when I asked him to show me a couple of homes he had listed. We agreed to meet one afternoon at the homes at 4:00PM, and my office was an hour away - I got there 15 minutes early and after 45 minutes I had to leave for a meeting - Jim never showed or called. About 7PM I get a voice mail from him saying that he got busy with other Clients (Bad real estate market??) and asking to reschedule. I really liked the home - so against my better judgement I agreed. The next issue came when I had sent an email into Jim's office addressed to him and another one of his Agents called me and began asking me questions about my intentions on the home (I had presumed that since Jim was the Owner - he assigned this Agent to me). I clearly communicated to the Agent that Jim had shown me the home and I had been dealing with him, but she still proceeded to get involved. A couple of days later Jim called and I realized the two of them hadn't talked and I explained to Jim what happened. As a result this other Agent sends me a very unprofessional and ugly email insulting my character and intentions. I forward the email to Jim, and nothing... Professional?? When I finally wanted to make an offer on the home I found where there was a discrepancy on what I was told they were listing the home for and what their website showed the asking price to be. When I questioned Jim about it - he assured me the website was right and the I was wrong, and in his communication (3 different ones he added an extra $100,000 to the price of my home. (Turned out that I was right and both Jim nor his Agent had the home price right)Competent?? When we began negotiations with the Seller - Jim told me on several occasions what I was asking for wasn't normal - I countered him by advising him that my tactic was being used my the majority of Buyers on the web, and he just capitulated reluctantly, In the middle of the negotiations although I had communicated in writing to Jim exactly what I wanted to offer - he took it upon himself to communicate an offer that I did not ask for or want. At one point in the negotiations although he was constantly saying time was of the essence - he stopped responding to emails and voice mails for over a day and I ended up calling the Seller myself. When Jim learned of this he called finally and left an unprofessional voice mail chastising me, and used the word "Boy" attempting an insult because I went around him. I'm a 48 year-old Dow 30 Executive... I got everything that I asked for, and all the things that Jim Bigg said wasn't normal or possible - so who was he Representing and who is supposed to have more real estate experience???

I could write more and there was, but don't have the energy. Jim Bigg is not Professional nor Competent. His Co-Broker Cheryl Bourland is the best thing going for him, and she alone saved my deal... For the record when I have mentioned whom I dealt with on my real estate transaction - not one of them had a good thing to say about Mr Bigg's reputation in Hot Springs Village real estate.

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PissedOff C., 2014-09-15, 11:03AM CDT

I have had a huge problem with them not even bothering to return phone calls regarding certain properties until they go into contract, then I get calls back sayings "sorry it's already sold". These real estate agents have specific people (investors, family, friends) who they know personally and will hold properties that have equity in them from the general public to sell specifically to these certain people.

Forget about trying to purchase thru any real estate agent in Hot Springs, AR, and most definitely within Hot Springs Village. Contact the bank/lender/owner of the property directly and purchase directly from the owner. It is legal in the state of Arkansas for either party (seller or agent) to break the contract to advertise and sell the property at any time with a simple letter. The owner of the property can tell the realtor to suck it and not owe them a dime, then you can purchase from the directly.

They are ALL crooked - do NOT waste your time with ANY of them!

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