Brookdale Farm - Very Rude Owner

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 8:34am CDT by Dalelene M.

Product: Farm/Pumpkin Patch

Company: Brookdale Farm

Location: 2060 Vaughan Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23457


Category: Other

On October 24, 2012 my daughter's kindergarten class is taking a field trip to Brookdale Farm in Virginia Beach. I had planned on chaperoning until her teacher informed me that siblings are not allowed on the field trip (per Brookdale Farm's policies). She didn't give me a reason, so I decided to call the farm, on October 22, 2012. I spoke to Farmer Baker who said he was the owner of the farm. He was so rude. Farmer Baker provided no explanation, constantly cut me off while I was speaking, and was just very rude. He then told me that younger siblings are unpredictable and tend to cause a distraction. This I understood and would have appreciated this explanation at the beginning of our conversation and in a polite manner; but it is apparent that this is something difficult for the farmer to do. If it were not for me wanting my daughter to participate in her school's activities, this farm would NOT be receiving any business from me! We visited Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach last year where siblings were allowed and we had a wonderful time :-) We will definitely NEVER visit this farm after my daughter's field trip. I hope the farmer was just having a bad morning and doesn't have that kind of attitude regularly, cause that would be sad.

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Business Reply  386343bc, 2012-10-25, 10:10AM CDT

We're sorry she felt frustrated after her call. When she called Farmer Baker answered her questions politely several times. She attempted to move up the "chain of command" because she didn't get the answer she wanted - that a younger child could come along. He needed to return to his work and after multiple responses he did get frustrated. He is normally noted for being friendly with customers. We have been told by many schools that Hunt Club is not known for their education - that is our purpose, our groups are kept small for this reason and babies do not enjoy the education geared toward the group. After attempting to allow younger children for several years eveyone (our teachers & the school teachers) agree that sibling were to much of a distraction to be allowed - just as they don't attend normal school days.

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