RTM Funding aka Randy & Tara Milam - RTM Funding aka Randy & Tara Milam Steal From Single Mothers

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 1:09pm CDT by April S.

Product: Mortgage Services

Company: RTM Funding aka Randy & Tara Milam

Location: 1801 Kingwood Dr.

Category: Business, Finances

Consumers, fellow mortgage brokers and agents, banking and financial institutions BEWARE!

Do not do business with the aforementioned Charles Randall aka "Randy" Milam or his wife and partner in crime Tara Lynn Hartman Milam or any company that they may try to form.

I wish I had someone to warn me when I was considering working for them. Unfortunately, I did not. While in their employ as an independant broker for their firm, I had multiple payroll checks bounce, and then right at Christmas, they embezzled close to $10k of my earnings and stopped returning my calls or e-mails ~ leaving me and my children without money for our own mortgage, food, lights and certainly no Christmas.

I pursued them through legal remedies through the courts for almost 6 years, chasing them through multiple business name changes, and repeatedly won in court over them coporately, jointly, individually and severally. At the last hearing, the courts awarded me treble damages and attorneys fee's which now stand at over $50k.

I could have hired a company to seize all their assets and auction them off, but like a dummy, I did not feel right doing that because they have three children of their own. I wanted instead for them to make arrangements to start making installment payments to me. Instead of EVER making restitution or trying to make arrangements to pay me back, they simply filed for bankruptcy.

They have NO MORALS, NO ETHICS, and will rob you blind when you least expect it. Do yourself a favor if you have an opportunity to work with them or hire them or work for them or simply befriend them (as I did) and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM. They will smile to your face, as they blatantly steal and defraud you of your last dime. NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!


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