Beem'r Building & Design/Beem'r Construction - Fraudulent Operator of Company

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 3:00pm CDT by 85678a48

Company: Beem'r Building & Design/Beem'r Construction

Location: 1500 Brittmoore #302 Houston, Texas

Category: Building, Construction

Thomas Barron is the owner of Beem'r Building Design or Beem'r Construction.

He is a scammer. I met him at church, thought very highly of him. I am a widow, on a fixed income, and needed some home repairs. I asked him to widen some doorways as my home is older and so am I!

He said he needed money to get started. I gave him a check, then didn't see him again for weeks! He cashed my check of course.

Then he called and said there had been a family issue, his phone was stolen, etc. I allowed him to start working, against my better judgment. He proceeded to tear up my house and then ask for more money.

I never saw anything he actually spent my money on, all he really did was make a mess that he was decent enough to haul away.

Now he will not return a phone call, nor is he going to church? Beware of him. I looked up his name on the internet and found he has a long history of scamming people.

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larry k., 2013-01-07, 02:24PM CST

Hmmmmm Thomas has taken a $21,000 deposit from me for building doors and windows and its now been nearly three months and no windows, or doors. contact me [email protected]

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