Terravision Group - Lack of customer care and refund!

Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 at 9:06am CDT by Ana Praconi

Product: Airport Transfer

Company: Terravision Group

Location: Via G. Antonelli, 50 - 00197 Roma

URL: www.terravision.eu

Category: Travel, Vacations

Here is what happened:

I'm from Brazil and in order to facilitate my travel to Rome I purchased through Terravision's website the bus transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station for Sept, 18th and the return for the next day, Sept, 19th.

On Sept, 18th I arrived at FCO Airport, went to the bus stop, showed my printed tickets to the gentleman standing at the bus door, he just crossed the first 2 codes (for me and my boyfriend). We placed our luggage at the baggage compartment and proceed to Termini Station. So far, so good.

On the day after, we had the tickets for the 3:30pm bus. That?s where I had problems.

We arrived at the line for the bus and then, when I tried to give the same printed ticket to the gentleman at the door, he just ignored me completely and started to wave and BLOW KISSES to some girl inside the bus. In order to not waste time I told my boyfriend to go ahead and put our luggage inside the baggage compartment. When the gentleman finally decided to give me some attention, it was already 3:30pm and he just told me that I could not get on the bus, that I had to retrieve the tickes from the Terravision?s desk inside the building. How was I supposed to know that, specially if when he was supposed to be doing his job, he was just blowing kisses to some girl?

So, he made us take out our luggage instead of letting us in the bus. (And I really begged him to let us in!!)

So, without choice, I went to the Terravision?s desk and found out that the next bus wouldn?t leave for another 40 minutes (at 4:10pm), which was impossible for me, because the gate for my flight would close at 5:10pm, so I wouldn?t make it.

The girl at the desk told me get a taxi to the airport, and write to Terravision Claims dept explaining what happened, in order to get a refund, otherwise, I would loose my flight.

About the guy, I asked him his name, and here is what he told me: Why you want to know my name? I CAN?T TELL you my name.

That?s right. As you can see, he knows that what he did was wrong and I would be holding him responsible.

The amount for the taxi was 48 euros. I've sent it to Terravision's Claim Dept and after 1 month, I got back a COUPON for 8 euros, which is valid for 6 months only.

This have got to be a joke!


James M., 2012-11-29, 10:18AM CST

I was struck heavily and repeatedly by the driver of our coach, for pressing the stop bell by accident with my knee. He offered no explanation, he simply got up and started hitting me, hard. It took me a few minutes to realise what he was hitting me for, I actually thought I was being mugged and it seemed strange he would be doing that in front of the whole coach.

The other passengers were very upset. He then yelled verbal abuse at me and threatened me further with his raised hand.

He forced me out of my seat and made me sit in isolation from the rest of my companions.

He then drove through central London chaotically, often in the wrong lane. He stopped on a double red line for about five minutes. He spoke on his mobile while driving for the majority of the journey.

I have complained to Terravision twice and have had no response beyond an automated email promising to respond in 24 hours. I first complained over 2 weeks ago. I am now considering pressing criminal charges as it seems unlikely that the complaint will be resolved amicably.

Linda Pow, 2013-01-01, 01:54PM CST

Copied the conversation for you to understand Terravison.

1st January 2013

Conversation started 30 November


Linda Pow

Can you tell me where to buy tickets from Stratford to Stanstead, one adult 2 children. Need quick as leaving on 1 December afternoon time? or can I buy them at the station or pay when entering the bus? Linda


Terravision Transfers

I just answered on the wall ok if it's for tomorrow night you may still be in time to buy it online and print it otherwise you can buy it directly at the bus stop.


Adults 6.00 ? 11.00 ?

Children (5-12 years) 3.00 ? 6.00 ?


London Stansted Airport Bus Schedule & Prices | Terravision


London Stansted Airport Bus Schedule & Prices. Stansted Airport to London (Victoria Station via Liverpool Str.) bus: timetable, service frequency, routes.

4 December


Linda Pow

Hi Terravision Good morning. I booked like you said and managed to book my tickets. I arrived well on time for my bus myself and my two young children, BUT to find the bus did not turn up it was supposed to leave Stratford at 3.40 on Saturday afternoon. by 4.14pm myself and a few other passengers had to pay out for a black taxi for us to try and make our flight. with our flights closing gates at 5.25........I know many people missed their flights because of this. myself I was lucky and managed to make it by running all the way.....The Person selling tickets at Stratford wasn't helpful one bit and kept saying the bus will be here soon, five mins, soon, and on and on he said. This is upsetting to see so many people loosing money due to this.........I was told that I can get a refund when I get off the taxi and come to your office BUT, if I done this I would of certainly missed my flight. I am a regular user of Terravision and would like to recieve my refund with tickets for my next journey from London Stanstead. Kind Regards Linda Pow

4 December


Terravision Transfers

Dear Linda,

I'm awfully sorry about what happened. Please email [email protected] summing up the following info:

- your booking reference

- date of travel and time

- how long the delay was

- your taxi receipt

The customer service team will see to it.

Thank you and our apologies again


I was told by the Terravision office that I can also file to recieve a refund for the ?100 which was paid out for an emergency taxi which should of been ?120 but managed to get a discount. Can you sort this out for me please. Kind Regards Linda Pow TRVBUS00001767407

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