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Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 at 3:19am CDT by Jeff P.

Company: Jenny Spies, Vanrhynsdorp

Location: Vanrhynsdorp


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Hester Hazelhurst

We arrived late at the Namaqua Country Lodge (9pm) and late arrival was arranged with owner. We drove 8 hours from Durban with two small children. We arrived at a deserted, dark and unsafe looking lodge.

No lights were on, there was nobody there to greet us. After calling the owners we were then greeted by them at the window of our car and not at the office which you would expect at any guesthouse or hotel when checking in. We didn't feel comfortable or safe with our two small children in the back of our car and decided to cancel the accommodation and were promised our deposit of R600 back by the owner Jenny Spies. She paid a portion of the deposit back and has deducted money FOR STAFF ON CALL TO GREET US AS IT WAS THEIR DAY OFF???!! Huh, shouldn't a lodge up and running be staffed at all times and where was the staff to greet us. There was not one other guest staying which made us more nervous! She has also made a deduction for admin and cancellation fee - I signed no terms and conditions for a cancellation fee. EPIC FAIL NAMAQUA COUNTRY LODGE IN VANRHYNSDORP!! I have also learnt my lesson - never pay a deposit on accommodation!

Bad Service ? Jenny Spies - Namaqua Lodge in Vanrhynsdorp

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