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Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 at 3:03pm CDT by d7147ded

Company: MagicJack (Magic Jack)

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First of all, their app doesn't work.

I paid $30 for upgraded app+ Canadian phone number.

But since it didn't work i ended up spending a lot of money calling back people whose calls went straight to the voice mail.

Then when I asked for a refund, I was promised to be refunded by 3-5 business days by 4 different reps (kept trying since I didn't see it in my bank account). The 5th rep explained that they could not refund me.

After all the other reps lied to me just to get me off their backs.

Some quotes from our chats:

1st chat:

Carol: Would you also like us to cancel the said account from our end Sir?

Me: yes, and refund the money paid.

Carol: I will need to make a report on your request to cancel your magicjack account. What I need from your now is your email address and phone number where we can contact you on?

Me: email: ***************

Me: ***************

Me: But email is much better.

Carol: Thank you for waiting. I have now made a report on this request to cancel your account. Please do extend your patience while we complete the cancellation on our end. I have also made sure that you will not be charged in the future by disabling the autorenewal feature, is that alright?

Me: Partially, will the refund go straight to my credit card?

Carol: With the last 4 digits **** **** **** ****

Me: yes

Me: thanks

Carol: Thank you for your patience with me on this said matter.

Carol: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

Me: no. when am i supposed to see the refund take place?

Carol: We typically process all valid refunds within one to two business days.

Me: what would make a refund invalid?

Carol: Once the said refund has been made you will receive either an email or SMS from your bank.'

2nd chat:

Aaron: Please do confirm if this was the card that you have used to avail the Order Number: ******* . VISA **** **** **** **** ?

Me: yes

Aaron: Thank you for the additional information.

Aaron: I would like to create a report and submit it to our Billing department so that they can process the refund for you.

Me: Why would that be different than what has happened so far?

Me: this is exactly what i was told 3 weeks ago

Aaron: It appears that the request you have made last 3 weeks ago was the cancelation of the account and was forwarded to our engineers not with our billings department.

Aaron: Our billing team are the ones who can process the refund. Our Engineers are the ones who will process the cancelation of the account. It appears that the report for cancelation is already being processed but the request for refund was not forwarded to the proper department who will cater billing and refunds.

Me: How will i know that this time it gets to the right place?

Me: And that i will not keep wasting my time on this?

Me: why wasn't it forwarded to billing?

Aaron: I can report this to the proper department which will cater the refunds.

Aaron: I will have to make a summary for this issue. Please give me a moment while I write a ticket for submission.

Me: Can you guarantee to me that in a week from now, if I look at my credit card statement I see a refund from you?

Aaron: Yes basically our refund processing will only take 3-5 business days not 3 weeks.

Aaron: Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience. I have completed the summary needed for submission. I will be forwarding this ticket to our Billing department for further review. For confirmation of adjustments or refund please check your account or contact your bank after 3-5 days.

Me: Can I see this chat as a confirmaiton of refund on your side?

Aaron: Basically it is normally done automatically by our system which will just appear or processed on your bank after the specific time frame. You can personally contact your bank and check if it was already being added or processed.

Me: So can you commit to that in a week from now I see the refund in my account? yes/no?

Me: Since they told me to contact the bank last time as well.

Aaron: Yes since it was forwarded successfully to the correct department.

Me: Any chance they dissaprove of the refund for some reason?

Aaron: We can still process the refund for the Preferred plan for you APP since it was placed last month. Our refund policies for renewals are within 90 days.

Last chat:

Xander: You are trying to get a refund on your magicjack app. Am I correct on that?

Me: Yes. all the detials pasted above. Refund was approved already 4 times

Me: " Aaron: We can still process the refund for the Preferred plan for you APP since it was placed last month. Our refund policies for renewals are within 90 days."

Xander: As for the app, it was not a renewal that you had on it but an upgrade. We really are not able to process refunds for such apps. These are optional upgrades that you can choose not to have and all optional purchases cannot be refunded. Had this request been done a few hours after you did the upgrade, it may have been possible to do so but that no longer can be done right now.

Me: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Me: So why was I promised a refund by 4 other representatives?

Me: Why are you people wasting my time?

Me: Apart from that your service doesn't work so you are required by law to refund my money

Xander: It really is not something that can be done. Wee do have our policies regarding such purchases. These are considered as optional purchases and nothing can be done regarding that. We have a working service but VoIP systems do have requirements to work properly. Those requirements are certain things that we have not such control over.

Me: So why did 4 other reps promise a refund???

Xander: No report or request was done by that operator regarding the matter. Had it been reported as well, it really will not be granted as this really is not something that we refund from our end.

Me: Ok. So I still need the telephone + mailing adress of your legal department.

Me: This is the worst service ever. Lying to people in their faces.

Me: So so called "Aaron, Kara, Clara" and all the rest basically lied to me promosing a refund hoping that I will just... forget it?

Xander: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Xander: We really don't have a line for that. This really is really something that we cannot offer a refund on. I'll be making a report on the promises that were offered to you but I won't promise anything from my end. We'll need to thoroughly discuss this matter for us to reach a resolution on your request.

Me: This is sick. I keep checking my bank account website, each time surprised to see nothing, because 4 reps, not one, promised me in 3-5 biz days I'll see a refund...

Xander: That really is not something that I can do much on. It is something that we'll be reviewing from our end. I can't assure you of anything from my end though but I'll make sure that your side is heard on this matter.

Me: nevermind. I will have my lawyer take care of it

Me: or my blog readers.

Xander: That would be up to you. We do have our policies regarding this matter and your refund request is really one that we are not able to refund from our end.

Me: that is not the problem. the deceiving is the problem

Xander: As for the promises made to you. I've prepared a report for that. We'll attend to it accordingly from our end.

Me: That will not help me.


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