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Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 10:09am CDT by John M.

Product: Fahrscule / Driving School

Company: Walk Don't Drive

Location: BERLIN, BERLIN, Berlin, DE

URL: www.dont-walk-drive.de

Category: Education

Germany does exchange drivers licenses from Virginia, but does not recognize (M)otorcycle endorsements. You must take the theory and practical tests to drive a motorcycle in Germany. I spoke extensively with the instructor and paid 261 Euro (87 x 3) for her to show me the practical test excercises and to have drive in the city. I have extensive experience on a motorcycle and have ridden in all kinds of conditions and speeds. The German government said that such excercises were not necessary but no driving school here will simply allow you to use their motorcycles to take the tests. I paid for 3, 1.5 hour sessions and what the instructor did was set up 3 excercise and I did them more than 40 times over and over successfully many different ways in 3 days. She did not cover all the test exercises. At the end of the sessions she said, "I think you did fine on the street driving portion, but you need more time on the course." (i.e. I need more money). I said, "How long will that take and what will that cost?" She said, "I don't know" I said, "But I paid you almost 300 euro's to show me what the course tests are." She said "I don't need your money." So there you have it. She said it herself, She does not need my money, or yours. I suspect that the intent was to drag the sessions out and charge for as many sessions as possible which was not necessary or possible. Now,I have to start all over with another school and at 261 euro loss it's worth a complaint. If you read this, don't go there. SHE DOES NOT NEED YOUR MONEY.

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Robert Allyn L., 2012-10-22, 12:38PM CDT

Not supriesed at all that you got bitten.

The German system is insanely strict, and they will fail you for virtually anything from your seating position to how you operate the throttle and front brake.

So the instructor has you over a barrel, a change to another one will cost you but you might get more usefull feedback.

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