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Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 9:31am CDT by 67e9528b

Company: UPS

Location: US

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ups has a group of uneducated people working for them. I had a set up for a shipment to be picked up on friday 10/20 the time they gave was from 8:30 to 5 when i called becaused they were not there at 5 I as told up to 8PM whedn they did not show up at 8 and I called dthey said no shipment pick up was on file. I had all the paperwork and read everything off. still can't help ypu. Then I spoke to what I was to the manager JAY who set up a pick up for monday promising me (9 am.) Knowing I had to change airline tickets and add 2 more days on rentacar.

to (monday ) again no show. I called and was told they will come any time up to 8PM., and there was nothing they could do. How can a company not reach a driver and tell them to make the pick up. Again I was lied to... UPS need to train there people better. No one knowes what they are doing..... now I had to change my air line tickest again... do you think this is over? no way. I am closing my account at ups the rest is going leagle. dont use ups they out right lie . noone knows who Jay is... how funny is that.

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Kiki C., 2012-12-21, 10:12PM CST

Had a call from UPS saying in 10 days I will have a delivery while talking my phone when dead,they did not call me back were the delivery is I do not know it requers my signature

If you have any information please comply, Thank you

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