BOUTIQUE INDIANA - RUDE OWNER, Beware never BUY from this store

Posted on Sunday, October 21st, 2012 at 4:36pm CDT by Jason D.

Product: BOULET Shoes


Location: St. Laurent

Category: Stores, Shopping

Future buyer beware never go to boutique Indiana Montreal Store.

The store owner was so rude. My boyfriend bought a pair of Boulay boots last week for $200. He notice that it was not comfortable and there was something poking out of the bottom of the boot into his heal so he decided to take it back to the store hoping they would repair it. We went and meet the store owner (Jacques)who was so rude and got very mad at us because we asked him to repair it. He did not want to talk to us because he has other clients in the store. We are no longer buyers for him. We already bought the shoes from him last week, so he no longer needed our sale....

He even told us how stressed he was because two of his staff did not come to work and he was alone in the store, that is not our problem. We told him, its ok we can wait, but he was so stressed and refused to talk to us. He raised his voice and told us to leave and come back nest week. We got upset and told him to calm down and he did not need to raise his voice and be all upset about ity. All we wanted was to have an assurance that he would repair it however he told us to leave, even opened the door and told us to go. He said to us that he was the owner and that he's been in the business for 25 years. Who care is he was the owner... Who gives him the right to treat people like crap..... I hope he looses customer due to his bad attitude. He has no right to put people down and plus we bought a pair of $200 shoes last week. On his eyes we are no longer buyers... People beware.. This owner should take customer service 101 training...


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