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Posted on Sunday, October 21st, 2012 at 9:55am CDT by Colin C.

Product: Wood

Company: Woodbay

Location: 6786 NE Woodbay Lane
PAULSBO, WA, 98370, US

URL: stores.ebay.com/woodbaycompany

Category: Products, Services

The owner of Woodbay Company LLC , Robin Pease and her partner George Pease. Evidently do not care about providing quality products or customer satisfaction.

I won an auction for what was advertised on their ebay store to be a premium piece of Maple that was supposed to be "WESTERN BIG LEAF FIGURED MAPLE LUMBER" and "Quarter Sawn".

When the board arrived it was immediately obvious that the board was not quarter sawn as there were growth rings that on one end were running in a complete quarter of a circle in only the 2 1/2" thickness of the board. This indicates that that half of the board was heartwood and taken from the center of the tree , much less did it's grain travel straight through the thickness of the board.

Also the "Figuring" wasbarely noticable at all and largely attributable to the slight tooling waves on the face of the board left by the planer.

Considering that this was advertised to attract luthier clients who would bid a premium price for a quarter sawn and figured piece of maple. This was not at all an acceptable piece of wood for the description.

I wrote Robin and George Pease of Woodbay Co. LLC, that the description of this wood was not accurate immediately upon receiving it. They wanted me to pay to return the wood as well as forfeit my original shipping charges.

I told them that this was unacceptable as it was no fault of mine that this wood was not as advertised. I offered to send the photos of the end grain of their board with their handwriting on it to prove mu point that only half of this lumber was usable as quartersawn. But that I was not going to pay for the shipping either way.

I also then stated that I would be satisfied if they would just send me a piece that was quarter sawn and half of the size of the original piece since only half of the board was bad.

Rather than to make any accommodation at all to provide me what I paid for or to even look at their mistake. They refused to answer me forcing me to escalate the complaint to eBay customer service.

Evidently eBay does not care about giving the customer what they paid for either because less than 24 hours later I was emailed a return label from eBay instructing me to return the board and my money would be refunded including my original shipping.

So much for purchasing a board from Robin and George Pease of Woodbay Company. What a waste of time.

So now I am left wondering if I will be shanghaied into being held responsible for some imaginary damage that Robin and George Pease of Woodbay Company may claim I did to the board in order to get out of refunding my money.

Perhaps Woodbay Company should stick to selling firewood because they have a very poor customer service attitude to be selling Luthier wood or other Premium Figured Wood Products. They are also suppliers of lumber and woodturning stock in figured Big Leaf Maple, Eastern Rock Maple, Birdseye Maple, Hawaiian Curly Koa and Alaskan Yellow Cedar according to their eBay store at stores.ebay.com/woodbaycompany .

There are plenty of good premium wood suppliers available on eBay as well as the internet at large. I would also stay clear of their website at www.woodbayco.com when it is finished. The Woodbay Company business phone number is listed as 360-697-1289 .


Business Reply  george g., 2013-11-10, 05:49PM CST

This fraudulent buyer Colin c. has been removed from Ebay. With over 10,000 satisfied buyers and over 16,000 positive feedback with no neg. is proof we are sellers in good standing.


George & Robin

Woodbay co LLc

Colin C., 2013-11-10, 06:42PM CST

To the contrary.

It is a complete lie that I (the Buyer), have been removed from eBay and slander that I was in any way fraudulent with this seller.

The wood was and is unusable as a quarter sawn piece of lumber. I still have the photos of the wood from the eBay listing which "conveniently" only showed one edge that did appear to be quarter sawn. I also still have the actual useless piece of wood, which is identifiable from the eBay photo.

I do not care how many times they completed satisfactory transactions. This time they screwed up and chose to argue with the customer rather than to make it good.

Now they have screwed up by publicly calling me a fraud. Except that I have saved the proof.

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