Wells Fargo - The Bank You CAN NOT Trust

Posted on Sunday, October 21st, 2012 at 2:01pm CDT by 1709ff48

Product: Banking

Company: Wells Fargo

Location: 420 Montgomery Street

URL: www.wellsfargo.com

Category: Business, Finances

Wells Fargo closed my account with over $1,000 still in it and wouldn't let me access funds. They closed it without any prior notice. I din't know it till I went to purchase dinner for my family. Upon finding out it had been closed that afternoon of OCT 15, the bank only explained "it was a business decision". No other reason, no red flags, no court order, no criminal activity. And, since my name was on my daughters account, they closed her too. They stated it would take approximate 10 business days to process before they would then make out a cashier's check to then mail to me in effort to return my funds. I called relentlously each day to headquarters - no apologies no nothing. If this happened to an elderly person - you damn well AARP would take this court. My family suffered horribly for 4-days until a few more choice words got someone to at least release my money. Then I had to drive 190 miles round trip to the nearest Wells Fargo from where I was when it happened. While all businesses have the right to refuse service, banks hold people's livelihoods in their hands. They should have minimally called and stated, "We apologize for the major inconvenience this will cause, but we have to close your account. You'll have access to xx amount or percentage of funds while we work expediently to do this..." While I'm sure I still wouldn't be so happy, what did happen was the worse imaginable! Again - Wells Fargo only has so far stated "It was a business decision" with no apologies, no care to my needs or other. I now have to question if it was retaliation because I had been complaining about a $105 banking error that they still owed me? Or, was it because I had made a campaign contribution the business day prior? Retaliation, Political or Just Plain bad business practice - Wells Fargo is NOT to be Trusted!

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de95ece5, 2016-01-08, 02:01PM CST

I was conned from a worksource job and let them hold the check to see if cleared, they closed my account with no notice put a freeze as a business decision says it wwas my fault and nothing further, how is it your fault if someone writes a bad check in your name UN FUCKIng real.

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