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Posted on Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 9:26am CDT by Dissatisfied Customer

Product: Notary Public

Company: ck Mobile Notary

Location: YORK, PA, US


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CARELESSness on the part of the woman handling my Car Title transaction almost prevented my car purchase. Worst of all, she was both unapologetic and arrogant about the matter. Her initial mistake was in failing to review the sales tax check issued by my credit union UNTIL AFTER she had already submitted (via computer) the sales tax transaction to the state. Her oversight caused the sales tax check issued by my credit union to be "unacceptable". Check had been made payable to the "COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA" rather than to Abel Notary. This necessitated that I pay $500 directly from my personal checking account. Had this been a much more expensive car, the entire transaction would have been delayed until the next day-at which time the credit union would then have been able to re-write the tax check. This event is indicative of bad training and procedures on the part of management.

Quality customer service is very rare these days. It seems obvious that the reasons for this are in the areas of education, tolerance and management. Many people in our modern society have accepted poor customer service. No one complains or takes a stand unless a situation gets too out of hand. Men and women tolerate low quality customer service so much that it has become common practice among cashiers, salesmen and other workers in many industries. The industry with the highest amount of poor customer service is in the restaurant, grocery and fast food industry.

Expectations in the service industry are low in many cities and management is faulty. Citizens have become so accustomed to poor service that expectations have plummeted. Unfortunately, that is not the only thing that is damaging customer service. The managers at many stores such as McDonalds, Wendy's, CVS and other places are just as bad as the cashiers and remaining staff members when it comes to customer service. Many managers citywide are setting a bad example for their staff with the way that they treat customers. In some cases, it is mere laziness and managers are just careless in other circumstances.

Education is not valued anymore. The availability of GED programs in inner cities makes it easier to obtain low-paying service jobs. However, the employees who work in the service industry have poor work ethic. Many people who have obtained a GED did so because they were not willing to spend four years in high school to get a diploma. They have not learned how to work hard for anything because they did not have to work hard. This has a negative effect on how they do their jobs.

It is easy to find a fast food restaurant or drugstore in the city. Yet, it is difficult to find one that has a friendly staff that is available to help the customers and are efficient at their jobs. Customer service workers have foul attitudes and are careless about how they represent the company that they work for. The statement of "The customer is always right" seems to be a foreign language in this day and age. Unfortunately, there are difficult customers that will not be satisfied no matter what is done to help them. However, the people who work in many stores and restaurants are really unprofessional and unpleasant individuals.


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