Ink Hair Creations - poor quality & professionalism

Posted on Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 1:38am CDT by tahlia g.

Company: Ink Hair Creations

Location: North Lakes, Brisbane.

Category: Health, Beauty

Im a small business owner, and have had a shocking experience at Ink Hair Creations. The day i had my extensions applied i was greeted by the business owner with no shoes, spray tan that looked weeks old and a fighting mum and younger brother in the house. The girls themselves were nice enough and seemed to know what they were talking about. They informed me that the hot fusion method would not damage my already fine and fry hair and my hair would continue to grow- NONE of which is true. Although this is my fault for not researching first hand. They length was 22 inches and they were not qualified to cut them and told me to get them cut elsewhere, i took there advise and purchased the shampoo and conditioner they recommended. After 2 weeks of putting up with thick messy bonds that i can NEVER wear my hair up, and DRY THICK NOTTY hair i decided to get them removed, I contacted the owner and was ignored after her telling me she would get back to me. 4 days later i called on a private number and requested that i come in to have them removed. She told me that she could remove them for $100. I told her i was not happy to pay that as i had only had them for 2 weeks, she did not care about me as a client and defended herself blaming my shampoo... when i reminded her i purchased the shampoo off her she hung up on me. wholesale hair can not be purchased for much less then $180 which proves there hair is crap other wise she would not be making a profit. The professionalism displayed was embarrassing. The reason i went there in the first place was the attractive price,the only lesson learnt was never do things the cheap way. there is a reason 9 out of 10 salons charge so much.


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