Hearing Planet.com - Battery guarantee misleading-cust svc is horrible

Posted on Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 2:36pm CDT by f5790861

Product: Hearing Aid batteries

Company: Hearing Planet.com

Location: 100 Westwood Pl Suite 400

URL: www.hearingplanet.com

Category: Health, Beauty

Hearing Planet advertises batteries as "Guaranteed Fresh until 20XX" (where XX is several years into the future) in order to entice you to stock up on their batteries with confidence that they will be fresh for a long time. So how can they guarantee their batteries to be fresh for several years? Evidently, they don't!

After going through a few $20 packages of their batteries that lasted from either totally dead to a few days (normal life is a week), I finally got fed up and called them to complain that I received a big bad batch of them in my last order. They gave me every excuse and policy they could think of that defied logic, to try to get out of backing up their stale batteries that were supposed to be fresh for several more years (they are date stamped). They told me their policy is to only back it up for a few months (6-12) after purchase and initially wanted to just swap out a single pack as a "courtesy".

After much hemming and hawing they finally swapped out the rest of my unused packages but refused to replace or credit the initial used bad packages in that batch that prompted my initial complaint. Their excuse was that I could have got them from anywhere and was just trying to SCAM THEM! DUH??? So how can one tell if a battery is bad or good for warranty purposes unless you use it? Hmmm?

I'll never buy batteries from them again nor provide any referrals. In my opinion from this experience, their customer service was horrible and they use misleading advertising. They mislead me for over $40. Caveat Emptor.


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