Cablevision dba OPTIMUM - TV Service Package Altered Abruptly With No Notice

Posted on Friday, October 19th, 2012 at 9:06am CDT by PJ S.

Product: Family Cable

Company: Cablevision dba OPTIMUM

Location: 1111 Stewart Ave

Category: TV, Music, Video

On 10/3/12 Cablevision eliminated the ability to use it's basic cable box in conjunction with a VCR or DVD Recorder. Cablevision gave no advance notice of this very significant alteration of their service. After calling and e-mailing customer support numerous times, and after numerous direct communications with representatives in the Cablevision executive offices, I was told that nothing would be done to restore that option to users who relied on it to record shows when they are at work, on vacation, etc. I was told in every instance that users who wished to continuing recording programs would have to subscribe to the DVR PLUS service for an additional $130+ annually.

My family has subscribed to Cablevision since they first started operating on Long Island. We consider this a deliberate slap in the face, as well as a shakedown attempt to force us into paying more for service we were already receiving.

In essence: Cablevision took away a service we were getting and paying for and when we complained they offered to sell an inferior equivalent back to us at a higher price. We are filing complaints with every consumer agnecy and website possible in protest.


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