Gamma LLC - Sucker

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at 2:54am CDT by de032d39

Product: Apartment

Company: Gamma LLC

Location: 408 w 36th

Category: Real Estate

I had a TERRIBLE experience renting from John. When I met him, he showed me an apartment I was looking to rent, we discussed terms, and I gave him an 1100 down payment. He told me I could rent the place month-to-month and that I'd receive the down payment when I left.

Upon moving in, I called him to meet me at the apartment so he could give me the keys. He never showed up, so I ended up meeting with a woman who in had never met, who told me that to move in, I had to sign a contract that outlined completely different terms than the ones I signed up for--including that the apartment was a minimum one year lease. After discussing what John and I had gone over with the woman, she didn't negotiate AT ALL. I asked to see the apartment again before I made a decision, and she showed me a different apartment than the one I looked at with John!! On top of that, the roommates were all guys, and I was told they were all girls--I'm sure he told me this so I would give him the down payment!

I called John and told him to meet me at the apartment, he said he would and he never did. The woman told me he could give me my down payment back the next day, but she wouldn't sign anything in writing guaranteeing this. I called John, and he told me he would not give it back to me. We contacted the police who called him a sleaze bag that he has had to deal with before.

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e55779e5, 2013-07-29, 12:04AM CDT

hello there. sounds like a very similar story to mine) lol. let's get in touch, wondering how you solved that. i'm at sativis at gmail dot com

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