Septic Maxx - Septic MAXX doesn't work

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 at 8:05am CDT by Kathryn B.

Company: Septic Maxx

Location: Delray Beach, FL


Category: Home, Garden

I've been using Septic MAXX for a little over a month now and it hasn't helped my septic system at all. They promised me it would get rid of the wet spots in my backyard and they are still there. When I called and asked for a refund before the 30 day trial period was up they told me they couldn't help me and hung up!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas on what I should do about this??????

Katryn B.


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aj l., 2012-10-23, 02:41PM CDT

Katryn be. U must be an angry competitor making things up. I feel u are a sham. We are going to track ur ip address, and send this complaint board a supena to see if this is a real person or a company that is jelous of us. We are the most succesful septic company in south florida.

If I am wrong please call the owner directly as he would give u a refund in a half of minute. this septic company is the best run company in South Florida with a product that is stronger than any that is currently being sold. Unlike other companies in this space there custermer service is what they specialize in and refunds are given with in 30 days.

Verona M., 2013-03-05, 06:20PM CST

Less than two weeks ago a salesman talked until I ordered the product SepticMaxx and when it arrived it has the same information as the Septic 5000. I have a bucket of that and at least three others that I still am using. I don't agree with the tale of for new oils, as grease oil and whatever else it says is the exact wording on both containers. I have to have a refund as you people are doing over kill on us.

I need to be removed as we have two gallons of the mix he told me to do, which was six different products just "going down the drain".

I don't want another long phone conversation, just a return permission slip and refund.

Verona Mallory, Derby, IN 47525

aj l., 2013-03-05, 06:46PM CST

Please call our office, any confusion will be explained .

U also may request a 100 percent refund!

Please call our intent is 100% satisfaction!!

Ask for accounting. Thank you for reading my message.

The director of sales.

Business Reply  aj l., 2013-06-03, 06:07PM CDT

Karyn you have not called our office so we may starighten out any miscommunication. Its not fair to make complaint but refuse to allow us to fix it. Please call and ask for managing partner.

Business Reply  aj l., 2013-06-03, 06:07PM CDT

verona please call and ask for gm. their is confssion here as we have 100 percent garentee

Robert Allyn L., 2013-06-04, 09:00AM CDT

Holy cow, Batman.

The business reply was written by 7 year old.

f261bb8b, 2013-06-04, 09:20AM CDT

Or just a company who takes quality service very seriously who happens to have an Iphone with fat fingers!lol

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