Delores roberson - robbed by reachout wireless

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 at 11:54am CDT by e9811814

Company: Delores roberson

Location: US

Category: Consumer Electronics

my complaint stem from phone operators noy understanding or speaking english. I paced an upgrade order that was mailed to the wrong address, when I ask to speak to an operatro the operator becom hard of hearing and then I'm hung up on this particular operator sttes his name as rafael. my order was placed on 9/26/2012 and I have yet to receive my phone.why aren't there any superviser to govern these calls. why are there so many forigeners working in the communication system. i was informed when Ibought my airtime that the money was not refundable. but I dont have a phone and there is no-one to complain to I"m being robbed by the government using terroist to do so. whre is the justice


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