IMG Baseball Academy - IMG Baseball Academy Review-One of the Worst!!

Posted on Sunday, October 14th, 2012 at 9:49am CDT by Trace A.

Product: sports academies

Company: IMG Baseball Academy

Location: US

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Parents beware!! One of the worst baseball academies you can send your son or daughter is the IMG Baseball Academy. We had first hand experience with this rip off operation. They charge over 35,000 dollars a year (that's just for baseball. The tuition is extra), they promise that your kid will get a high intensity and high performance program.

What they say you get could not be further from the truth. We witnessed our son thrown in with over 70 kids doing warm up stretches and aerobics, with only one coach supervising. Most of the kids just went thru the motions and actually were talking with each other during the exercises, paying little attention to the coach.

Most of the drills are so poorly organized that you will find most position players just standing around, while the coaches talk to EACH OTHER. A perfect example of this is when they do fungo drills. You have twenty kids on the field, with one coach hitting to one fielder who throws to one player. During one outing, our son actually got to field three balls and throw twice during the 90 minute session.

The batting drills are a bigger joke. They have 4 cages but only two coaches at a time. When we were there, one of the coaches was giving a private lesson, and the other twenty kids were standing in lines bigger than Disney World, waiting to take a few cuts. There was actually another pitcher throwing to kids who wasnt a coach. His control was so bad, he hit kids three times (one of the kids got hit twice), at a velocity of nearly 90 mph.

But the best part is when it rains. This place is located in Bradenton where it rains a lot. They have no dome or indoor facility, so the kids get crammed into the four batting cages, where they sit around and hit off the tee for 3 hours.

Before you consider sending your kids to the IMG Baseball Academy, consider other options. This place is horrible and serves no purpose except to separate you from your money.


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