IMG Baseball Academy - How much does it cost to go to IMG Academy-much too much!!

Posted on Sunday, October 14th, 2012 at 6:49pm CDT by james s.

Product: sports

Company: IMG Baseball Academy

Location: US

Category: Sports, Recreation

Beware of the IMG Baseball Academy. It costs over 35,000 dollars to send your son to this awful academy and that doesnt even cover tuition...that's just for the baseball portion. The salesmen promise you high intensity, high performance training, but the drills are so badly executed, that your kids stands around all day long, as one coach hits and pitches to 20 kids, each one doing nothing while they take turns.

We observed our son standing in long lines, trying to take BP, because there were only 2 coaches throwing, and one of them was actually giving a private lesson, which isnt even included in the exorbitant price.

If more parents stayed and watched these coaches, no one would ever send their kid to the IMG baseball academy. Warm up and stretching is an absolute joke; we saw one coach administering the warm up portion to nearly 70 kids; no one is paying attention to him.

Unless you have a desire to separate yourself from all your money, look for another place to train your son. This place is definitely not it.


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