Posted on Friday, October 12th, 2012 at 2:08pm CDT by 2a52bad3

Company: REBA'S One Stop Shop

Location: 741 Hwy 35 North

Category: Products, Services

Does NOT deserve even 1 star!!! Paid for shoes and purse to be dyed to match my dress for my son's wedding, the owner dyed them wrong color also the purse was stained and blotchy. I asked if he had a solution, He said he did not. My daughter expressed to him that the wedding was in two weeks his reply was..I don't care..he refused to reason with her also and told her to leave because he wanted to eat his lunch. This shop is unprofessional, unreasonable, irrational and unwilling to work with customers. Clearly he does not know his trade, also not a good business owner because if he were he would know how to handle his customers and try to repair what was paid for. When I asked for a refund he refused. As of this writing Belle Bridal offered to help repair my shoes, she spent 3 days working to match the color and re-dyed my shoes and they came out perfect, she saved the day!! More Proof Reba?s is not experienced enough to be able to repair these issues nor take responsibility for poor service. He had absolutely NO compassion for the stress he caused us. Do not use this business for anything of importance.


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