Marion Browning-Baker Family Law Practice - Marion Browning-Baker Is Now Ella Quinn ? Fiction Writer!

Posted on Friday, October 12th, 2012 at 8:05am CDT by David E.

Product: Legal Services

Company: Marion Browning-Baker Family Law Practice

Location: Lovenlund

Category: Law, Civil Rights

Marion Browning-Baker, who over many years while calling herself a "family law lawyer" in Germany had a lot of practice making false statements, misrepresenting the facts of her clients in order to wrongfully charge them more money, falsifying bills, and even lying under oath to her state bar ? now calls herself "Ella Quinn, Romance Author" ? and claims to be a fiction writer. She supposedly has recently signed a contract with Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency in San Francisco. See Browning-Baker?s new identity at:

or her new identify on Facebook at

Actually this is a very good fit for her next career. Her "law practice" - since she was removed from the Army as a lawyer ? has been not much more than PURE FICTION anyway to even include her answering the phone as imaginary secretaries over the years with her last one being named "Majella Richardson." She extends these delusions to Ella Quinn?s biography too ? where Browning-Baker states that while in the US Army "she was the first woman assigned to a Green Beret unit."

She should be thankful that what happens to Pinocchio when he tells a lie has not happened to her in her life. Otherwise Browning-Baker would be totally dysfunctional as a human being.

So, those of you following this, the next event will be that she is disbarred and lose her law license permanently. Justice needs to be served - and it will be - as we all have faith in the bigger system, as in the Georgia State Bar, to police-up the dregs at the bottom of the legal profession and dispose of them properly.


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