Lexus of Spokane - Terrible Service with Lexus of Spokane, WA

Posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 12:45pm CDT by W. Michael K.

Product: Larry Miller Lexus Dealership of Spokane

Company: Lexus of Spokane

Location: Spokane, WA
SPOKANE, 99223, US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Lexus Dealership of Spokane:

I would like to inform you about the situation regarding my Corvette, I brought to your business to have an outside detail. I dropped the vehicle off on Wednesday at 9:00AM, October 3rd, expecting the car to be completed on or before the 8th. I waited for a call from the dealership until 2:45PM on the 8th...having not heard from anyone at the dealership as promised on the drop off date of the 3rd. The person I spoke with in "Service" said they would have to go over to the shop site because no one was answering the phone. I was expecting a return phone call from him, but after 1:15 minutes I again called. My phone call allowed the Service representative to tell me: "yes your car is ready"....not even apologizing for the 75 minute wait for the promised return call. I was able to arrange for a ride to the dealership where I waited 25 minutes to get a response because of waiting in a line leading to the "Service" office. The "Service" person said that he would go across the street and get the car. Well, he came back to the dealership in 10 minutes without the car which indicated he did not know the Corvette gear pattern and how to start the car. Another member of the staff went over to get the car, drove it over to the dealer lot and walked away with "okay, here it is". Not offering an apology for their screw up or etc. Your company had two opportunities to offer an apology and in both cases failed. I am in the real estate business and I know what "Service" means in the business world and your company completely voided out any facsimile to the definition. Time is of essence to me as a Real Estate Broker and Lexus of Spokane wasted my valuable time. I had to cancel an appointment after they told me that "yes, your car is ready". That is why I am taking advantage of the opportunity to let you know that there are some obvious weak links in your system as well as the personnel you employ. Thank you for that opportunity and have a nice day.

W. Michael Keller



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