Pick n Pay - Manager

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 10:13am CDT by Nicolene M.

Product: Pick n Pay Somerset Malll

Company: Pick n Pay

Location: Somerset Mall Cape Town

Category: Food

I was at Pick n Pay in Somerset Mall in Cape Town. I was in the Express Tellers queue. There was only one cashier, and 9 people in the queue. This is the express queue. Next to it is the window where the managers sit in their offices. They saw my frustrated face through the glass and had a good laugh and did nothing about it. I took photo's of them, the tellers and the sign showing "express". I even informed the teller of my observation. I am in a client service invironment, and our company won the Orange Index last year. I am definitely dissapointed in the service at Pick n Pay Somerset Mall. Mostly the managers. Whow, is this how you treat your clients?


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