Extra Reading Company - Rude customer service and use of spam e-mail marketing

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 6:26pm CDT by 824ddcd1

Product: Extrareading.com

Company: Extra Reading Company

Location: US

URL: extrareadingcompany.com

Category: Education

The company continues sending e-mail marketing, even after being asked repeatedly to stop communications. Their response: "At the absolute most, you may receive a solicitation from our company a couple times per month. It can?t be that big of a hassle to simple click ?delete? when you receive one. After all, you just sent us a message asking us not to contact you again. Why not just spend that time clicking delete? It?s a hell of a lot faster.?

Of greater concern is the extremely unprofessional tone, vocabulary and attitude of the owner of the company, Joshua S. Mason. He responds to e-mails through various names, but utilizes name calling, cursing and attempts to belittle others to make them feel bad for having an opinion. He/"Veronica" writes, "ARE YOU RETARDED?

You GET what you GIVE.

Time to get a clue"

This is just a sampling of the kind of customer service you get with this company. It is completely appalling, especially for a company marketing itself to schools and home school families. Avoid them.

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Cindy H., 2015-10-30, 09:54AM CDT

I am so glad someone finally said something about this company. I totally agree with you 100% and had the very same experience, however, the rudeness and attitude was on the phone and not through email. I will admit that some of the items I found and paid for were pretty good, but finding them was difficult. It is not an easy sight to find exactly what you're looking for and the products aren't really worth the $100 they charge for a year. Oh and my most favorite is when they send emails about teacher discounts and scholarships. The many emails from them, if anyone ever noticed, they seem to have a different company name for each time they send out. I wonder if all their aliases are legal and registered?

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