Extra Reading Company - Rude customer service and use of spam e-mail marketing

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 6:26pm CDT by 824ddcd1

Product: Extrareading.com

Company: Extra Reading Company

Location: US

URL: extrareadingcompany.com

Category: Education

The company continues sending e-mail marketing, even after being asked repeatedly to stop communications. Their response: "At the absolute most, you may receive a solicitation from our company a couple times per month. It can?t be that big of a hassle to simple click ?delete? when you receive one. After all, you just sent us a message asking us not to contact you again. Why not just spend that time clicking delete? It?s a hell of a lot faster.?

Of greater concern is the extremely unprofessional tone, vocabulary and attitude of the owner of the company, Joshua S. Mason. He responds to e-mails through various names, but utilizes name calling, cursing and attempts to belittle others to make them feel bad for having an opinion. He/"Veronica" writes, "ARE YOU RETARDED?

You GET what you GIVE.

Time to get a clue"

This is just a sampling of the kind of customer service you get with this company. It is completely appalling, especially for a company marketing itself to schools and home school families. Avoid them.


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