Arbury Services (Citroen Main Dealership) - Poor Service

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 3:08pm CDT by KAY F.

Product: car service and MOT test

Company: Arbury Services (Citroen Main Dealership)

Location: Weddington Road, NUNEATON, Warwickshire

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

We booked our van into the above garage for a service and an MOT test. We were told an electrical component needed replacement. This had been replaced the previous year and the one before that. As the component was still under guarantee, the garage had to replace it at their own expense. They decided they had better explore what was causing this to keep failing.

In doing so they kept the van for 5 WEEKS, without asking our permission. Neither did they offer us a replacement vehicle. When I rang them to request a replacement, they told me it would take nearly 2 weeks to obtain a replacement. I said this was no good as we were going on holiday then. Of course, it was too much to ask them to make a note of the dates.

They did not keep us informed of the results of their investigations, but expected us to keep ringing them. On no less than SIX occasions, I was told that nobody was available to take our call and that they would ring us back. Each time, they failed to do so.

Finally, they found that the wiring of this component was faulty, which kept causing it to short circuit and rang us to tell us this. You guessed it - when we were on holiday. We rang them as soon as we returned and were told that they could have the van ready by Wednesday - 2 days later. Wednesday came and went without a call. Late on Thursday afternoon, they finally rang us to say the van would be ready on the following afternoon.

After all this, 2 days after we collected the vehicle, someone from the garage rang to ask if we were satisfied with the service. I told him all I have put here and he said he would speak with the Service Manager. Needless to say, we have heard nothing since.

I would advise anyone NOT to take a vehicle to this garage to be repaired.


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