Mediacom cable. - taken advantage of.

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 3:52pm CDT by Mr. Courtney C.

Company: Mediacom cable.

Location: MEDIACOM 1005 north FREDERICK STE 6 oelwein Iowa 50662-1018
CAROL STREAM IL 60197-5744, IA, PO BOX 5744, US

Category: Business, Finances

Well i have received a statement from them that they did not receive my payment i told them that wasn't true i have the money order stub that i would check with the bank to see if they turned in the money order for processing i told them they turned in the money order on the twelfth of the month plus when i set this order for service i told the man that would like to down size the internet service from ultra 50 to 15 megabit and basic cable. plus the technician was to take back the extra equipment plus when i made that payment i wrote them to let them know i did not have the phone hooked up plus i told them the technician did not take back the extra equipment so do not charge me for something i'm not useing plus they record all phone calls i fill i should not have to pay for service i did not ask for or pay for someones mistake that is wrong. plus charged me three times my regular bill. why do these people think they can take advantage of people? The only thing i would like is to both party just part ways and they erase this outlandish bill from my record so that i would be able to get some service from someone who will give me better service i never mist a payment with mediacom. the two years i was on contract even if i was not receiving great service. you would not believe the amount of service calls i had to make. I was told if you don't stand up for yourself who will.I really fill that they should fill the bite i'm a mental health patient i really do not need to have people bring me down. they should have to know this will not be tolerated.


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