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Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 at 9:35am CDT by e3f5e86a

Product: Emirates Airlines

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Our complaint is so unbelievable, that I will just share the complaint email I sent Emirates to explain fully what happened. Three months on and I am still waiting for a reply..

We are writing to you to lodge an official complaint regarding an incident starting on the 22nd of July 2012. We flew with Emirates from Venice Marco Polo airport to Jakarta, with intended stopovers in Dubai on flight number EK0138 our final destination would be Denpasar.

Three weeks prior to flying with your company we had all our belongings stolen, including passports. Following correct procedure we were issued stand in passports from our embassys (Australian and New Zealand). On check in at Venice this was questioned with relation to our holiday to Indonesia. However, the staff member checked if our passports would be valid and proceed to check us all the way to Jakarta. Our reasoning to go from Venice to Denpasar was because after our belongings were stolen we had to cut our trip of Europe short, and after multiple stresses wanted to relax in Bali, were we would be met by family, were it was cheaper for 9 days before having to return back to Australia to start work early. We saved for a whole year for this trip.

Our flight from Venice to Dubai was pleasant, after an 8 hour stop over in Dubai airport we then boarded from Dubai to Jakarta. Another long flight. On arrival at Jakarta we were denied entry because we had emergency passports. An emirates staff member PROMISED us that if we were to get back on the flight we just came off that emirates would send us back to Australia (our final destination). She said she had just sent an email to confirm this with Dubai, something that we learned later was never done. She realized it was emirates liability for checking us into the flight after being well aware we were travelling with emergency passports and said she would follow this up with emirates in Venice. We obliged upset and heavily stressed and boarded EK 359 another 9 hour flight back to Dubai. Every travel document we had was taken off of us prior to boarding and held. The most upsetting thing from this experience was that we were so close to being home and were made, with no choice of ours to go all the way back to Dubai.

On arrival to back to Dubai at 5:30am we were taken to a passenger holding room where our case was being processed by Airport Services Agent IHAB AHMED ABDEL HALIM. We endured a 14 hour wait in a tiny room, with no access to clean clothes (remembering we had already travelled for 2 days), and a filtered water dispenser, with a COMMUNAL mug for everyone in the waiting room to share. We then learned that emirates wouldnt take any liability for this mistake, having made us then pay $900AUD each for flight EK359 back to Dubai from Jakarta (the one we had no choice in taking!) He then proceed to tell us that there was no way of us being able to have our passports back unless we booked a flight WITH emirates to Brisbane, (we live on Hamilton Island), however we found a flight with China Eastern massively cheaper than what emirates cost. We werent allowed to book this flight and were made to pay $2644AUD to get back to Australia. We had to pay a further $4444 on top of what we had already paid to get to Denpasar. Because we were made to pay in Arabian currency I then incurred a $120 bank fee on my emergency credit card. Were basically writing to stress that this whole traumatic ordeal has not only cost us $4564 out of our pocket but has also caused us a huge amount of stress as we were treated as criminals, held in a room for 14 hours with no access to basic toiletries or clothes, fresh water (without paying for it as we were flat broke), yelled and sworn at by IHAB AHMED ABDEL HALIM, all because on check in emirates in Venice still checked us into Indonesia knowing we had emergency passports, even checking with other staff members but still checked us onto the flight all the way there.

We don't see why we should have to pay for this and go through all this trauma because of something Emirates is liable for. Even speaking with cabin crew staff and the night officer we know that this is unacceptable and we are seeking compensation.

IHAB AHMED ABDEL HALIM handled our situation completely irrationally and should not be in this role. He is an embarrassment to your company. Speaking with other staff who work with him we know they feel the same. We explained to whole situation clearly and concise to him on arrival to his office, even after explaining things several times he still felt the need to speak over us, swear and at one point handed us a boarding pass to send us back to Venice. He made this already overwhelming experience even more traumatic. After outbursts, threats and refusal of our rights his co workers then had to decency to tell us he has a 'sugar problem' and acts this way because of it. Totally unprofessional and unacceptable. We then asked for his name and contact number and even that was made into an ordeal. He pulled off his name badge and forced it right in front of my partners face aggressively. He was very apprehensive to even give us his name, which we had a right to know. My partner was heated and swore at him, something that I back him up completely because this whole situation was so unnecessary, however was then told by IHAB to "f*#k off and I will get you really f*#ked". Throughout the whole experience in the waiting room we were shown no respect or human rights. Especially for such a huge airline this is just disgusting.

We ask that this complaint be heavily investigated. We feel so strongly about this case that its not going to be something we will easily give up on.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards


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