IMG Baseball Academy - IMG Baseball Academy-Horrible Baseball Instruction

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 at 12:06pm CDT by Sal F.

Product: sports academies

Company: IMG Baseball Academy

Location: US

Category: Sports, Recreation

Thank Goodness other people are finally filing complaints against this baseball academy. IMG Baseball Academy is the worst (and most expensive) baseball academy to send your kid. You will easily spend 35000 dollars (with all the hidden costs), and your son and daughter will come back home with less baseball skills than when they left.

They promise you a high intensity, high performance program, but it really is nothing more than a bunch of coaches that stand around and talk to each other, instead of working kids thru drills. I was there when live ball was given one day. My son got up to bat 3 times in two hours. Both times, 3 coaches were behind the backstop talking to each other, and never a word of instuction. Groups are large, and your son will find himself standing around, doing nothing most of the time. The lines are long in the batting cages. One day there were about 15 kids trying to get batting practice with only 4 cages and two instructors. One of the instructors was giving a private lesson, so the remaining boys had to wait another just to get 15 or 20 swings. I watched in dismay, when the coach never said a word to any of them; he just soft tossed and then said "next!"

The field drills are so stupidly run, that your boy will find himself standing around all day and never getting more than one or two balls, because there is only one coach and one fungo while he hits to 20 kids.

Anything is better than the IMG Baseball Academy


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