Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 at 11:29am CDT by EDWARD M.

Product: Internet Service

Company: Comcast

Location: RICHMOND, VA, US


Category: Internet Services

If you want a truly dissatisfying experience, get internet service from comcast. My service was out 24 days in August and they came out to my location 4 times. Each time the internet would work for a brief period then go back out. It got so frustrating being on eternal hold while you waited to get throuh to a supervisor that i gave up. Fortunately my TMobile phone service had hotspot capabilities so I was able to use my tablet to surf the internet and do my reports for work. The 3 time they came out to my location my wife was home and they guy told her the cable to the entire neighborhood was out, when in fact he was too big to access the crawl space, so he told her he would call it in on tuesday when he returned to work; mind you it was saturday afternoon. Its a technology company why would it take so many days to report the problem. I called monday and put in another service call and the same technician came back. Rather then lie to me and tell me the crawl space was to small for his rotund self, he ran another cable on the outside of my house, now i have a cable sticking out of the siding at my front door. He also had another technician come over to supposedly help him with the install when in fact they were just running their mouths. The cable went out again and i called to speak with a supervisor and was on the phone for over 1 hour with no resolve, just a bunch of promises to be called back. My uncle died that friday and i went to ny for the funeral. They called me while i was in NYC walking into the funeral home so I cancelled the appointment and asked to just reschedule it for a later date and never heard anything from them again. For the next two weeks I used internet on my phone and said to hell with comcast. I then had three deaths all on Sep 14, 2012 and just let the internet go to the wayside. I finally had the time and mentally capacity to deal with them again so I called today October 8 to pay my bill and ask for credit for the month of August for wich I had no service. After paying the bill the representative was extremely rude and told be they only offer credit for the days between when you call and the day they come out. My service is still intermitent but i dont have the patience to deal with them anymore. Im going to find another provider and hope that they are a little more professional then comcast. They should record every call they get and give the customer a reference number for the call at the beginning, so that when the customer has a complaint they can submit the refence number for that call so the representatives as well as the customers can be held accountable for what was said. Without some form of accountability this will go on and on, becasue they may be the only reasonably priced providers in that particular area. For now I am stuck but I am dilignetly looking for another provider. Who cares if you come out within two days of calling if the problem is not ultimately resolved. Be professionals and take pride in what you do; know your job and if you dont have the answers atleast know the resource where you can get the answers from.


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