IMG Baseball Academy - IMG Baseball Academy-Worst Baseball Training

Posted on Sunday, October 7th, 2012 at 3:01am CDT by Virginia W.

Product: baseball training program

Company: IMG Baseball Academy

Location: 5500 west 34th street

Category: Sports, Recreation

After reading all the complaints about the IMG Baseball Academy on the internet, I can only say I AGREE even more. This place is all about separating you from your money. Like the other people who complain about the IMG Baseball Academy, I had the same experiences. We sent our son there, and found that most of the time, he just stands around and does nothing. Live Ball is a joke down at the IMG Baseball Academy. I saw maybe 3 coaches, standing around talking to each other, while kids coming to bat were never offered even the least bit of advice. There is very little defense training and when it does occur you can count on your kid standing around and doing nothing while a coach lectures for 20-30 minutes.

I had the same experience with the batting cages. We saw two coaches trying to throw BP to about 20 kids. Nobody gets any intensive training, and we actually heard one coach telling a kid to stand at the plate with his numbers facing the pitcher, and another coach telling the kid that was wrong, and he shouldnt listen to that coach.

you will spent upwards of 40,000 dollars for a year, and your kid will come back to you all screwed up from training at the IMG Baseball Academy.


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