Hughesnet - Internet Services Fraud

Posted on Sunday, October 7th, 2012 at 8:33am CDT by Jen H.

Product: Internet Service Provider

Company: Hughesnet

Location: US


Category: Internet Services

Similar to cell phone services: Hughesnet forces a 2 year contract based on lies and false advertising. They advertise for 39.99 for the first three months then 59.99 with a rebate for new installation then you get a bill for $70 even though there were not special needs on installation. Then the rebate they say you are qualified for has to be applied for online, but the online system will not process the rebate. The 59.99 does not include the rental of the used equipment for 9.99 and if the equipment breaks down you are forced to pay for the tech run, the equipment replacement and/or shipping if no tech run. You are told they will bill you, but if you have bad credit it has to be paid via credit card. I don't have bad credit, but they said to send me an email bill will cost an additional $5 per month. They have limited downloads, but unlimited between 2 a.m.-6 a.m., but if you go over the limit it reduces to dial up speed. They claim they have roll over download so if you don't use your daily allotment it rolls over. My updates are scheduled for 2 a.m. and I basically only use the internet for email and research. No downloading. I watched a movie on netflix, which I will be cancelling because it is not worth trying to watch (restarted at least 20 times during the movie) now this morning I am at dialup speed. Do not believe the hughesnet lies. Dialup is cheaper and less aggravation than hughesnet. I am going to try to get out of this contract, but most times it costs more in legal fees and they know that that is why they lie up front and manipulate the sale.


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